Wheelchair bumper

Client with inoperable broken hip often needed to have legs raised.  The wheelchair utilised special leg raisers which were vulnerable to breakage as were the occupant’s legs when manoevring.  Solution was to clamp a mount onto the wheelchair with a sliding U-tube adjustable for the various positions.  This provided a robust, hi-viz ‘bumper bar’ as […]

Swivel chair for dining table access

An elderly client was unable to get up unaided from the dining table.  Carers had to slide the chair away from the table (with client aboard) and then rotate chair & client sideways to enable him to stand. A stair-lift chair was obtained and the offset boss cut and re-welded into a central position.  A […]

Wireless hands-free alarm

Identified need The client has no fine motor control of his hands but can use arms and/or head.  He is confined to bed and feels insecure at night as he is not able to alert a carer in another room or part of the house. Description This unit is based on the Wilko Standard Portable […]

Remote camera shutter release

Identified need: Client suffered a stroke and has lost most use of right arm.  He is a professional photographer and has tried various methods to operate the camera and shutter release simultaneously but none are satisfactory; feels he needs a bespoke solution.  Camera is a Canon EOS 6D DSLR .  The viewfinder rather than screen […]

Hfd 15/05/B Kings modular cutlery

  before Problem: Client only has the use of the right arm which is limited due to, amongst other things, having a fixed elbow. Consequently, he has a specialist spoon with two 30 degree bends and a grip handle. The pieces slot together and can be rotated to the desired position. The problem is that […]

Device to operate the foot pedal control of an electric sewing machine

Client’s requirement This referral came from an adult neurological physiotherapist for a 67 year-old paraplegic. “Her main hobby is sewing but [following her accident] she is unable to use the foot pedal to control her sewing machine. Some people do use the foot pedal with their knee but she has no control of her legs […]

Drag-bag conversion to take ambulatory oxygen cylinder

Client’s requirement This referral came from a pulmonary rehab OT for a 72 year-old Crone’s sufferer who had complications from medication which resulted in surgery and the occasional need for ambulatory oxygen. The engineer highlighted the limited mobility over rough ground of the small-wheel drag-bag compared to larger-wheel (150mm diameter) shopping trolleys and showed examples […]

Xylophone stand

The client has multiple sclerosis and uses a wheelchair. She plays the xylophone and required a stand, to house her equipment, on wheels to move it around her home. A stand designed and built by the engineer to fit the client’s requirements. The client can now play the xylophone when she wants to and move it […]

Wheelchair tray (stowable)

The 50 year old client was born with severe disabilities. She spends much of her life in her electric wheelchair but is extremely active. She required a table or tray for her chair which was easy to attach and could be stowed behind the chair when not required. Special fittings were made to achieve her […]

Urine bottle holder

This client has a hospital bed with safety rails. He needs to use a urine bottle at night on a frequent basis. He cannot reach the bottles over the safety rail. A wire bottle holder was made to hang on the safety rail. The client now has easy and safe access to the bottles.  

Table raiser

A wheelchair-using client, Andrew, required a table which he could use whilst in his wheelchair. A table was constructed of the correct height with a circular cutout to allow him to sit close to it. Using the table, Andrew is now able to do many things from his wheelchair which he had previously found difficult.

Sloping footstool

The client with very undeveloped legs required a sloping foot stool to enable her to use the toilet. A sloping footstool was made to all the necessary measurements and covered with non-slip matting. The client now has much more independence when using the toilet.  

Safety steps & rail

The three year old client has balance and mobility problems. The stone steps from the house to a decking area where he plays are narrow and steep. He also needed a rail to hold on to when going down steps. A set of wooden steps, deeper and less steep, with a hand rail which is […]

Safety gate

The client is 18-months old and has many severe disabilities. The kitchen has a very wide opening into the dining room and a gate was required to keep the client safely out of the way when her mother was cooking. A gate based on a level crossing gate was made. When not required it fixes […]

Recliner chair raiser

Dorothy’s recliner chair was too low in the seat, causing difficulty for her in standing up. She was also unable to operate the recliner mechanism. A heavy frame was constructed and bolted to the metal base of the chair. The frame was made longer than the original base to ensure stability when the chair was […]

Needlework aid

Linsey is severely disabled and able to use only her mouth to carry out tasks. Her hobby is embroidery and she had difficulty in keeping the sampler frame steady. A specially shaped wheeled holder was made, to which the sampler frame is clamped. Specially adapted tweezers were also supplied to allow her to hold the […]