Harrogate & Ripon

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Drinking aid

A drinking aid using a hydration pack drink tube and bite valve, attached to a re-purposed tablet computer flexi arm desk stand.

Nurse Call Button

A holder for existing nurse call units in hospitals that allows the unit to be used by patients with limited mobility and/or dexterity. Developed initially for use by stroke patients in a specialist ward.

Tray rollator arm supports

Margaret is blind and has a “combination trolley walker” on which she keeps the things she needs on a daily basis to hand, but it had conventional rollator handles that didn’t provide the level of support and stability she needed when walking around the house.

Toilet seat access

A girl of very small stature needed a method of mounting the toilet independently. As the little girl could only climb steps up to 100mm high, a portable unit was made which enabled her to climb the first step and turn unaided on the next step, taking support from the side panels. A feature of […]