Wheelchair food tray

The parents of a hyperactive boy who wouldn’t sit at the table on a chair and had a habit of throwing plates asked for our help. They were going on holiday abroad with him for the first time and were very apprehensive about mealtimes. As he had a new wheelchair into which he could be […]

Support for guitar player

Ellie, a young lady with severe muscle problems, wished to play the guitar but does not have the strength to hold the instrument and play the strings at the same time. The provision of a support would help her physical and mental development. A secondhand chair was cut down to Ellie’s size and steel frames […]

Spiral toy teaching aid

The Child Development Centre in Grimsby have a teaching aid which consists of a spiral tube through which a ball descends into a box. The object of the device is to help severely disabled children, through play, to develop their muscles and hand/eye coordination. A similar device was needed which was portable so that children […]

Special tray for wheelchair

A wheelchair client with restricted arm movement had problems when he went out with his friends to a pub or restaurant because he could not get near enough to a table to feed himself. As a result his friends had to feed him which he found embarrassing. A portable tray was made which attached to […]

Face inset board

A local organization who teach pre-school children with learning and physical difficulties, requested a toy to enable a child to recognize and manipulate features of the face. Using two sheets of plywood, a head shape was produced with recesses to take discs painted with eyes, nose, mouth and ears. The toy enabled a child to […]

Dolls pram walking aid

The Child Development Centre required a walking aid with an adjustable handle so that it could be used by children of various heights. It had also to be suitably weighted to provide stability. A walking aid in the form of a doll’s pram was produced, weighted with a steel plate in the base to provide […]

Booster seat

A severely disabled boy who had outgrown his high-chair required a booster seat to enable him to sit at the dining table for meals. A booster seat was constructed which could be strapped to a dining chair. To allow for growth, it had an adjustable seat height and footrest. The boy could enjoy his meals […]

Bicycle foot clips

A young girl with muscular problems was recommended by her occupational therapist to cycle in order to build up her leg muscles but her legs were not strong enough to keep her feet on the pedals. Using straps to overcome the problem was considered but dismissed as if she fell off the bicycle, they could […]