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Head support

Our client suffered from MND and a support had been made to help lift her head, but she was finding it a little difficult to move her head sideways to look at her computerised vision driven voice box or her carer. 0

Wheelchair protectors

The client wanted to stop the “sharp” parts of her electric wheelchair knocking chips out of her valuable antique furniture. The problem with the joystick controlled electric wheelchair is that it instantaneously goes where the front castors are pointing, rather than following the joystick/ differential electric control of the driving wheels, and this resulted in poor […]

Toilet transfer board

The client has muscular dystrophy and had difficulty transferring to and from her wheelchair. The commercially available transfer board was unsuitable for her toilet because it was too long and the aperture did not fit. A toilet seat was manufactured from 18mm ply and fitted with a plastic bridge which rose over the wheelchair tyre, […]

Swim launcher

Elizabeth, who has multiple sclerosis, was ‘a real water baby before the disease took hold’, wanted a wheeled trolley to carry her across a beach to the sea. The design was based on a ‘rickshaw’ style trolley utilising a braced ‘T’ bar frame, braced from. Low pressure ABS (anti-lock) rimmed tyres were mounted on the […]

Standing frame

This client’s physiotherapy requires that he stands for 30 minutes twice a day. He was unable to do this when working away from the office or out of the country and requested an air-transportable support if possible. A steel frame that could support his weight at elbow level was made. A sponge covered cross member […]

Tall adult stair-gate

This tall client is unsteady on his feet and has jerky, involuntary movements. A tall (to chest level) stairgate was requested that would prevent him toppling down the stairs when moving from his bedroom to the bathroom at night. The 1200mm gate was made from plywood and was lightened by cutting out panels with the […]

Secured shower chair

The 35- year old client has a level access shower, but the shower chair has occasionally toppled over with him in it, requiring a carer to help him back up. A steel frame was fitted to the rear of the shower chair and secured to the floor outside the shower. The ‘upside – down – […]

Raised chair arms

The client could not raise himself from his wheelchair because the chair arms were too low and thus he could not obtain a balance on his legs to lever himself up. He was a draughtsman and had designed his own fitting. The soft arms were raised by 50mm using aluminium blocks machined to suit the […]

Pump pot support

A lady client used a pump pot for dispensing coffee for herself and her friends but this had to be held by carers while she used it to prevent tipping. A wooden support for the pump pot was designed that held the pot securely and was clamped to the edge of the table. The client […]

Oven door handle

The client has insufficient strength in her shoulders and fingers, preventing her from successfully gripping the high overhanging oven door ridge and pulling it forwards and downwards, because it needed her fingers cupped upwards. A stand-off bar was manufactured and fitted to the high oven door which allows her much better grip and pulling action because […]

Music player

The client was a totally blind youth with severe learning difficulties. He enjoyed music, and wanted a player that he could control. The equipment was supplied by the client’s parents. It was modified so that it could be powered from the mains and a jack socket was fitted so that the music output could be […]

Looped cutlery

The client was unable to grip cutlery normally, so help was requested. The solution was to add loops to two sets of cutlery through which, with help, he could slide his fingers. The loops were made from copper tube, and silver soldered to the cutlery. The cutlery was then plastic coated to provide a pleasing […]

Keyboard guide

Tremors in the client’s fingers meant that he tended to touch two or more keys when using the laptop computer keyboard. A shield was requested by his parents. An aluminium plate was machined with holes positioned at the location of every key on the keyboard and fixed to the laptop. A direct photocopy of the […]

Hot ashes removal

The elderly client is not steady on her feet when bending and she was worried about removing the ashes from her coal fire. The solution was to design and make a small frame that she could clip to her ashes tray with extra welded-on brackets. The twelve inch height of the frame was limited by […]

Horse mounting platform – transportable

Mandy had been advised by her physiotherapist that horse riding would be beneficial for her multiple sclerosis problems, but she needed a platform to mount her horse. The platform was to be transportable so she could ride in different places. The solution was to make a thirty inch high platform, two feet by three feet, […]

Gel liner applicator

A tetraplegic client needed a device to enable him to don gel liners for his prosthetic legs. He was unable to do this without help. A novel device positioned the gel liner over four vanes. Each vane had a roller at the top. As the client pushed his stump into the gel liner supported by […]