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Nappy changing frame

First time mum found it difficult to change a dirty nappy with limited use of her right hand. Her wriggly baby was forever putting his foot in the wrong place!

Adapt child’s scooter

A three year old child was born with no legs below the knees and no arms below the elbows, hence no hands or feet. He wanted to use a scooter.

Toilet seat back rest

A severely disabled wheelchair user needed a back rest for the toilet to allow her to continue living independently. No suitable commercial product available.

Cigarette lighter

Client was a quadriplegic with a small amount of movement in one hand. He smoked “roll-up” cigarettes that needed frequent lighting.

Swivel chair

Fred is a client with mobility difficulties who had problems at mealtimes because lack of space in his kitchen forced him to sit sideways at his table while eating. This twisted position made mealtimes uncomfortable. A robust swivel chair was purchased at a jumble sale. The arms and castors were removed and a footrest was […]

Steps for caravan

Brenda, a lady with severe arthritis in her knees, wanted to continue to take holidays with her husband in their touring caravan.However, she was unable to climb into the caravan when it was parked. Without the caravan, poor access to hotels and toilet facilities prevented the couple from having holidays. A set of wooden steps […]

Shower chair side support

Ron is a large man who had had a severe stroke and was proving a handful for his carers to shower, as he had a tendency to slip heavily sideways to his left when being showered. The carers found it hard work to keep propping him up while they washed him. A side support made […]

Mobility scooter to carry walker

Stella is a lady who had had a mild stroke. She wanted to take her 3-wheeled walker with her when using her scooter. This would enable her to drive to the shops or to church and then use her walker for access. A steel frame bolted to the rear of the scooter enables Stella to carry […]

Protected cistern

Stuart is a man with severe muscle control difficulties (cerebral palsy and epilepsy) who regularly destroyed his slimline toilet cistern through inadvertent movement. The vulnerable cistern was replaced with a robust padded backrest and a new high-level cistern was fitted. Stuart is now more comfortable on the toilet and the cistern is out of harm’s way. […]

Pen-holder and clipboard

Joan, a feisty lady whose multiple sclerosis had left her with only head movement, wanted to be able to sign her own cheques and greetings cards. A clipboard and support frame was made to fit her electric wheelchair, together with a simple gel pen holder that she could hold in her mouth. Joan is now […]

Hoist for car

A client with multiple sclerosis wanted to go for rides in the TR5 which he used to race. This classic sports car is not suitable for conventional car hoists and so a special one was constructed. It was braced to the anti – roll bar. The client can now enjoy riding once again in his […]

Garden sieve

Rachel is a teenage girl with cerebral palsy who loves to garden, but had insufficient strength in her arms to hold a conventional gardening sieve. By simply adding a handle and two wheels to a standard sieve, she can sieve soil ready for use in the garden and in pots. Rachel now has a very […]