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Mobility chair desk top

Add multi-purpose ‘desk top’ to child’s mobility chair so she could start school with her own table top.

Zimmer frame seat

The client has respiratory problems and really needs to sit down and rest in his small, narrow galley kitchen while waiting for the kettle to boil or microwave to finish cooking. There is nowhere to store a pull-out stool. A fold-down marine ply perching seat was fitted to his existing zimmer frame to provide a […]

Radiator thermostatic valve operating device

Wheelchair using client cannot bend down to operate the thermostatic control valves on his radiators. A very simple device was made using two tennis balls and a length of wooden dowelling. Each ball was attached to the end of the dowelling, one serving as a hand hold ( a hole was cut in the tennis […]

Widened commode

A very large lady needed a widened and adapted heavy duty commode that can be readily made transportable as she spends time in hospital during the year and needs the commode there. A frame was made for the heavy duty commode to widen the seating area providing improved and longer hand holds to ease access and exit. The […]

Wheeled tumbleforms

Katie uses tumbleforms, moulded plastic wedge seats, which cannot be moved easily. Wheeled tumbleforms are available but the seat is too upright for Katie. A support frame on castors was made to accommodate the tumbleform seat. Katie can now be moved around easily and lifted in conjunction with an overhead hoist .  

Visibility aids

Betty, who has failing eye sight, needs aids to help her see the dials on her cooker, toaster and microwave. The panel fitted a laminated temperature aid around the temperature control knob to make the numbers very easy to read so that Betty can easily select the required temperature. They also made markers for the […]

Umbrella on wheelchair

During wet weather, the client needs protection from the rain whilst moving his wheelchair in and out of his vehicle, and during wheelchair journeys to the shops. An umbrella carrier was made for the client’s wheelchair that provided storage for the closed umbrella and safely held it when raised even under high wind conditions. The […]

Trolley arm rests

The client has a walking trolley with hand grips which she finds essential to carry her things, but this does not provide the support she needs when walking. Arm rests were fitted to the trolley to provide support. The client can now use her trolley with ease to get around and carry her important items.

Tray for wheelchair to hold laptop

The client has very limited head movement and needed to use a laptop computer with voice recognition software from her wheelchair but had no safe way to hold the computer. A tray was made and mounted off the client’s wheelchair and suitably padded to avoid any discomfort to the client. The client can now use […]

Toy tractor

A young boy with cerebral palsy loves tractors and his parents wanted one that he could ride on. A suitable toy tractor was purchased and a frame fitted around the seat so that the boy could be supported and sit on it safely. The boy was delighted with his tractor and complains when his parents […]

Toilet flush lever with 2 hands

Mr B did not have the strength to flush the toilet. A lever was made to enable the toilet to be flushed using both hands. Mr B can now flush the toilet with ease.

Stowage for walker on mobility scooter

The client uses mobility scooter but needs a walking frame to get to her final destination and has no way to carry her walking aid. A frame was made to carry the walker on the back of the mobility scooter without impairing the scooter function in any way. The young lady can now use her […]

Stair lift foot rest

This client has reduced sensation and co-ordination of her legs and also has strong spasms in her legs. She uses a stair lift but she is not aware if her feet are on the foot rest safely and there is a risk they could be trapped and injured. A foot sized wooden footplate was made […]

Stage ramp

The Swans disabled people’s club wanted to put on a Christmas show in the local town hall but there was no way for people in wheelchairs to gain safe access to the stage. A ramp was made which allowed all the performers in wheelchairs to get on to the stage easily and safely. The show […]

Special bed handset

The client cannot operate the handset for his special bed, as it requires the pressing of two buttons at once and he finds this very difficult. A lever system and guide bracket was made to enable the two buttons to be depressed with one action. The client can now operate his bed control without difficulty.