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Jigsaw for dementia patients

  These special jigsaws help improve the care of Dementia patients.  Shop-bought jigsaws are not suitable for hospital use. The specially crafted jigsaws are made from a wipe clean material which complies with the hospital’s infection control measures and will not break, snap or bend. They have been made in six sizes, varying in difficulty […]

Upper body and head support pads

A lady with a degenerative disability found the most comfort sat in her wheelchair, right elbow on the armrest and her jaw cupped in her right hand. Unfortunately, this gave her severe discomfort in her right hand. Following a number of visits to the client, together with her physiotherapist the exact shape and position of […]

Umbrella mounting on electric wheelchair

The client wanted to be able to mount an umbrella on his electric wheelchair. An arm to hold the umbrella mounting socket was provided, pivoting on a pin beneath the front of the wheelchair armrest. This means the position of the umbrella is variable and the arm holding it can be folded under the wheelchair […]

Switch protector plate for pathfinder communicator

The ‘Pathfinder’ is one of the latest type of communicators. It is programmed by the school almost daily for use by the child at home. When placed in the bag supplied for transportation, one or more of the flush faced and touch sensitive switches on the control panel are often inadvertently activated resulting in the […]

Sensory stimulation play centre

Following meningitis this four year old lad was totally inactive and almost completely unaware of his surroundings. The communications teacher at his school asked for this play centre which is larger than the type supplied commercially. The baubles also had to be illuminated. The case is made from 10mm MDF and a small bank of […]

Sensory board for child’s bedroom

This child of 10 has severe mental and physical disabilities. He has the unfortunate habit of breaking toys simply by overuse or ‘worrying’ of the particular toy. He loves stimulus toys but bought items proved too fragile for his use. Mounted on a plywood base securely fastened to his bedroom wall are several items for […]

Safety smoking aid

This lady is a heavy smoker and due to her severe disability kept constantly dropping her cigarettes and burning the carpet. The device holds 20 cigarettes, sufficient for her needs between carers. The lever on the extreme left rotates the holder until the next cigarette is automatically in line with the piezo-electric lighter. The lever […]

Protection device for gastronomy tube

A very strong and active young man needs feeding by a gastronomy tube. During feeding time at school, one person engaged his attention whilst the nurse attended to the feeding equipment at the centre. At home, his mother found this difficult to accomplish alone. When feeding time arrives at home, he is now laid upon […]

Portable standing frame

The physiotherapy department at a local hospital were unable to adapt their standing frame to suit the needs of this young man. He also required a standing frame for use at home but commercially supplied ones are too large and are unsuitable for him. He could not be held securely in a vertical position. The […]

Pannier basket

A basket was required to fit on the detachable motorised front wheel of this rather unusual chair. The pannier style metal basket fits neatly over the battery and still has plenty of room for papers, groceries etc. This gentleman is now able to carry goods and still does much of the heavy work at home […]

Oxygen bottle stowage & transporter

A severely disabled man had difficulty in moving his oxygen bottles around the home, often resulting in the bottle being knocked over. A lightweight wooden shopping trolley with a stable base and a recess to take the base of the oxygen bottle was made. It has an adjustable securing strap for the taller bottles sometimes […]

Mouth operated paper tongs

Being profoundly disabled and with just limited head movement, a young girl can only write, draw or paint by mouth on a small area of the paper being used. A helper was necessary to move the paper about as required. Mouth operated paper tongs were made from carbon fibre, stainless steel and plastic. Now she […]

Modifications to toy car

An eight year old boy, mad on cars, has cerebral palsy and is unable to sit unaided or control his legs. He has limited control of his right arm and some use of his left arm. The modifications to the car consisted of: hand operated speed and reverse selection; electronic circuit to provide ‘soft start’ […]

Modifications to new wheelchair

Michael has athetoid cerebral palsy. He had purchased a very expensive electric wheelchair but was unable to use it for various reasons. Footrests were made that would swing over the large front wheels to allow him to place his feet in front of the wheelchair seat. They were made to swing back to the straight […]

Modifications to control pad for electric armchair

Having had multiple sclerosis for many years, this man was now unable to press the control buttons on his orthopaedic armchair. He can only use the “heel” of the palm of his hand. A holder, which clips onto the table, was made for the control pad. Four protruding rubber – sprung buttons, bearing the appropriate arrows, […]

Device for child’s car seat harness

Having a severe weakness in her right arm, a mother had great difficulty in engaging the four harness buckles, grouped together, into the harness buckle socket which is on another strap. The (white) support socket was designed to hold the buckle socket in position for the four straps to be connected using one hand only. […]