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Car Wheel Changing Teaching Aid

A Derby school, which specialises in students having special needs, finds that their students are more comfortable with practical rather than academic subjects. Basic car maintenance is one course on offer and, at the request of the school, the Derby Remap panel made a classroom teaching aid to enable students to be taught how to safely remove and refit a car wheel.

One-handed snooker rest

A one-handed snooker player required a rest for his cue that could allow him to play his shots, but also be easy to move one-handed about the table.

Working tool aids

A young man with very limited use of his right hand needed assistance to operate tools for his job. A leaf rake was modified by attaching the upper part of an elbow crutch with jubilee clips. A pair of branch croppers was fitted with an armpit pad and a fencers guard to the left hand […]

Washing line adjuster

This lady is a wheelchair user and found it difficult to hang out her washing due to the height of the washing line. An additional pole was concreted in halfway along the washing line and 4-armed rotating arms mounted at the top of all three of the posts. Operating cords were attached to the ends […]

Tricycle trailer seat

A playgroup needed a tricycle modifying so that a 4 year old could join in the play. A new padded seat was made from half a plastic bucket which was heat-moulded to shape. Body and foot restraints and a pommel completed the adaptation. The boy was able to be included in the group play with […]

Tricycle for boy without arms

Ronan is a 12 year old boy with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome, as a result of which he is profoundly deaf, has learning difficulties and has only vestigial arms. His parents thought a cycle would be very good for him. A tricycle was designed and built to be adjustable to cater for his size as […]

Toilet seat & platform

A boy with epilepsy, right sided weakness and developmental delay needed aids when toileting and bathing. A raised wooden platform, tailored to the shape of the small bathroom, was made to allow the boy to reach the bath and toilet. A hole was cut through a spare toilet lid so he had a small secure […]

Standing-up aid

This lady had muscle weakness in her legs and having had bilateral hip replacements had limited movement, limiting her social life as she cannot rise from a chair without assistance. It was found that the weight on the seat reduced from 50 to 10kg from sitting properly on a seat to leaning forward and trying […]

Standing assistance

Muscular dystrophy had led to this man being unable to straighten up from a “toe-touching” position. A cordless screwdriver was used to elevate the cross arms of a standing aid and raise his body to the vertical. He could now stand up straight without assistance.  

Special computer desk

This boy with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy uses an electric wheelchair. There is limited room in the area and his condition means that his arms tire very easily. He could not get close to the computer desk so as to support his forearms on the desk because the wheelchair joystick fouled it. A diagonally sideways approach […]

Ski carrier

A 12 year old girl with dystonia is unable to walk but loves to go skiing with her parents. An adaptive ‘Bi -Unique’ ski had been purchased for her which comprises a seat in a space frame fixed on to a pair of skis via an articulating mount. Her parents found difficultly transporting it and […]

Shower control adaptor

An arthritic lady with only one finger and thumb on her right hand had difficulty operating her shower control. An aluminium ring was turned to fit tightly over the control knob and a lever screwed into it to allow easy operation of the control. The lady had no difficulty in operating the shower control unaided.

Shooting aid

This keen rifle shooter has Kennedy’s disease and now uses a wheelchair. He wanted to continue with his hobby but from a position sitting in his wheelchair. A rifle rest was built on to the end of a folding arm that could be fitted in place of wheelchair left armrest. A lever lifted the rest […]

Secure public swing harness

A young boy with severe learning difficulties and visual impairment who was unable to walk loved to go on the public swings in the park but had grown out of the “baby swings”. He wanted to use the larger swings but needed to be held in a secure position. The client’s mother supplied a lath […]

Safe bike trailer seat

George is a boy with Downs syndrome, learning disabilities, low muscle tone and balance problems, but he loves bicycles. His parents had bought a cycle trailer but it had to hold him safely. A support frame was made from old zimmer frame tubing inside foam rubber padding and wrapped in tape and bolted to a […]