Coventry & Warwicks

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Detachable stair rail

A handrail for a listed building which attaches securely and does not modify the existing structure.

Walker loader

A lady with severe back problems is able to drive but cannot go out alone because she cannot load her walker into her car. Fitting a system of cords and pulleys to her car without the need to make major modifications to the vehicle meant that the client could load the walker into the car […]

Toilet seat armrest

The client has severe rheumatoid arthritis for which she has had hip replacements and her knee joints are locked in the standing position. She needs carer help to get from a standing to a sitting position but would like to at least support herself at the instant that her feet lift off the floor. She […]

Stocking puller

The client found that removing his support stockings was almost impossible without assistance as he was unable to roll them down and pull them off unaided. The stockings had to be removed at night so the client was dependent on a carer to assist his going to bed. This simple solution involves linking suspender-type clips […]

Shooting support frame

A young man with severe physical disabilities and a muscle wasting disease affecting his legs and balance, required a frame to support him in a standing position when clay pigeon shooting, in which he competes internationally. The frame had to be strong, lightweight, easily collapsible and provide a secure non-slip surface in mud and wet […]

Holder for tying pony tail in long hair

A young mother with a paralysed arm needed to be able to tie back her pony tail so it did not get in the way when she was caring for her baby but she could not do so unaided. A frame was designed that stands behind a chair and that also holds a hair clip. […]

Gardener’s see-through tool tray

The client, a keen gardener and a wheelchair user, needed a tray attached to his chair strong enough to carry hand tools, watering can and plants. However, in order that he could see to work the tray should not obscure his view. A strong, light wire tray fitted by a bracket to the wheelchair fulfilled […]

Chord playing prosthesis

This 13-year old girl has a severe skin condition which causes blistering and scarring. Her right hand is permanently fisted and left hand fingers have rather limited movement. She wanted to be able to learn to play a keyboard. A chord playing prosthesis was made. This is able to depress three alternate keys on the […]

Pushchair Brake

An epileptic mother wanted a self-acting brake that would automatically immobilise a pushchair if the mother had a fit. A brake lever was connected to the brake via a Bowden cable. To release the brake, the client places her wrist under the rod and plastic ball and, by squeezing the brake lever, a small latch […]