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adjustable cuffs for crutches

Cuffs (which contain the upper arm) on crutches only come in two sizes- standard and bariatric . The standard cuff can be stretched to fit moderately large arms but what about large arms which do not require a bariatric fitting? My client was 20stone with an arm circumference of 48cms. The standard cuff was just tolerable when wearing a shirt but not possible when going outside with a coat on. A simple modification employing a narrow strip of aluminium allowed the cuff to be expanded for normal usage which could also be extended further for outdoor usage with coat wearing. Afterwards the cuff could be easily compressed back to its previous size. This helped his mobility and mental health issues (due to improved social interactions) .

crutch for shortened forearm

Our client had a (congenital) shortened left forearm (without hand) and required a walking aid for use with her left arm to relieve pain in her right hip whilst waiting for a joint replacement . After experimenting with fitting a “socket” to a rollator and then a gutter arm crutch, a modified elbow crutch was found to be best -improving her mobility and relieving the pressure on her right hip and consequently her pain. In due course this device would also be essential in her post-op rehabilitation when she would require the use of two crutches.

grass bowling rollator

Grass bowling association rules insist all walking aids must have wide tyres- minimum width 90mm to prevent damage to the turf. A set of dinghy launching trolley wheels -width 95mm were fitted to a standard rollator. This proved a success and she has now gone on to have a second version with a lighter metal chassis so she can attend away matches without requiring outside assistance.

Beach rollator

A stroke client with dense left sided weakness purchased a lightweight rollator with balloon tyres (£700) for exercising on nearby beaches […]

Up-and-over garage door opener

Client has left hemiplegia resulting in right-sided weakness in her upper limbs. She has difficulty opening garage door for storage of wheelchair/mobility scooter. A long handled activating lock, with a removable handle, was made from mild steel to replace the existing lock. The client is able to access and secure her scooter for first time […]

Safety sailing chair

Client has very poor seating balance. The whole family enjoy sailing and were using a car seat to enable the client to sit in the boat but could not attach this to the boat. A tumble-form chair was used (which is also buoyant if dropped into the water) and a safety harness was fitted for […]

Play football with wheeled walking frame

A young man with cerebral palsy wanted to participate fully in games, especially football. A  detachable scoop was made to attach to his  existing walking aid, to enable him to run with the football. The young man is now able to participate fully in games at school, and his range of movement and co-ordination have improved.

Fine craft steady grip

Client has Parkinson’s disease. She has prominent tremor in left hand. She has a keen interest in craft especially for dolls houses. She was having difficulties completing work to a satisfactory standard. A fine gripper was made to hold steady small pieces of furniture. Client can participate in her hobby with improved standards of work. […]

Beach wheelchair

This lady has difficulty walking following a stroke. Her husband requested a wheelchair with which she could access the beach so that she could join in with family activities. Due to the lady’s size an attendant chair was adopted with sand wheel roller system. The provision of the sand wheels allowed the client to participate in […]