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Tilting cradle for steam iron

A thirteen-year-old girl likes to do her own ironing, but has little strength in her arms, which terminate in rudimentary hands with non-functioning fingers and no thumbs. She is unable to tip up iron to shut off the steam. A tilting tray that holds the iron was clamped to ironing board. The tray is balanced […]

Pushchair towing device

A blind mother needed to pull her child’s pushchair with one hand, whilst holding her guide dog with the other. A removable tow-bar was made, that still allowed the pushchair to be folded for carrying in a car boot. She now has complete mobility with pushchair and dog. 0

Electric mobility scooter controls

The client was unable to use the hand controls of the electric scooter brake and the speed controls. We converted the hand controls to pedal operation. They are now able to use their electric scooter safely. 0

Golf tee aid

This man is fond of playing golf but his current lack of mobility makes placing the ball on the tee difficult. A plastic sheet tee with an attached string and a V-guide which clips on to the club was made. Holding the string, the client drops the tee and positions it, then rolls the ball […]

Foot controls for mobility scooter

This girl was unable to operate hand controls of her scooter (brake, speed) with her hands. The control system was changed to foot operated system. The client is now able to operate the scooter successfully. 0

Bed restraint

A lady with severe night-time epilepsy needed a self-operated ‘cot side’ to her bed to prevent her falling out during epileptic attacks, while still being able to get out of bed independently. A padded, hinged restraint with a latch for closure was made. Two lugs, fitting closely below the bed frame, prevent over – turning when […]