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Mobile crane foot platform

Patient with rheumatoid arthritis and severe water retention was unable to locate both her feet on the relatively small platform of the Harvest crane that she used to raise her into a standing position A larger foot plate was manufactured. Because of client weight, due consideration had to be made to the strength of the […]

Double buggy divider

Mother with two children, 3 years and 6 months has a double Maclaren buggy. Elder child is mildly autistic and inadvertently causes injury to younger child when both are in buggy. Mother required some form of divider which would prevent youngster being injured but which would also permit them to see each other. A dividing […]

Raised toilet seat

Client with mobility problems uses a raised toilet seat. Seat location lugs do not provide sufficient security of seat location resulting in seat slipping off toilet. The photos below show the seat on the toilet and the manufacturer’s locating lugs: Existing location lugs removed and replaced by new locator pins that extend deeper into toilet so […]

Wheelchair switch tray

Chloe is 8 years old and has cerebral palsy. To teach her communication skills her school required a means of positioning a 4-way switch plate onto her wheelchair. The switches were connected to a suitable box of “electronics” provided by the school. The tray supplied by the local “wheelchair services” was unsuitable for use, it […]

Electric mobility scooter trailer

An elderly lady with MS required a means of attaching her bicycle trailer to her electric scooter. She is a keen artist and requires a means of carrying her equipment. A simple sandwich block was manufactured which fitted onto the rear bumpers of her scooter. The block was fitted with a tapped boss to permit […]

Extended door handle

A homeowner of reduced stature has difficulty reaching the door handles of her French doors. An extension rod and handle were fitted to an existing handle to provide a low level operation. The client can now operate handle with ease.  

Aerosol Dispenser

An elderly client has Carpal Tunnel syndrome and also suffers from Angina. As such she has difficulty applying sufficient pressure to the medication release button on her aerosol dispenser. Based upon a design in a previous yearbook, a similar style mechanism was constructed. This particular model permits simple insertion and removal of the medication capsule […]

Chunc to BuggyPod coupling

7 year-old boy has cerebral palsy and severe epilepsy. He uses a Chunc 45 wheelchair. His little sister is 1 year-old. Mother requires to be able to take both children out together and is looking for a means to couple a secondary push-chair type pram to the Chunc 45. Mother has already purchased a second-hand […]

UV Shelter for Quad Cycle

Alice, who is 5 years old, has the condition known as Exeroderma Pigmuntosum (XP); she has zero tolerance to the UV component of normal daylight – even on overcast days. As such she has to have her entire body screened from daylight and can only go outside during daylight hours if she has been completely […]

Window opener

This wheelchair user has only one functional arm and could not open the windows to permit ventilation. Redundant elbow crutches were modified with a ring fitted to the foot of the crutch which when fitted over the handle allows him to unlock, open, close and re-lock the windows with ease. The client’s quality of life […]

Wheelchair reversing mirror

A wheelchair user is unable to twist his neck to see behind whilst reversing his wheelchair. A simple reversing mirror was mounted onto the wheelchair arm with a swivel fitting to permit transit through narrow openings. The client can now ensure the rear is clear before reverse movement.  

UV screen for electric car

Three year old Alice has severe xeroderma pigmentosa, and, as a result, her skin is totally intolerant to ultra violet light. Alice had recently been given a small electric car and wished to be reasonably free to use it outdoors but when out she has to ensure her skin is totally covered to prevent exposure […]

Tricycle foot restraints

Connor is a young child with extensive muscular dystrophy who was learning to develop limb movement. His parents had bought a tricycle system which incorporated seat belts and a push bar to help exercise and strengthen his leg muscles. However, due to coordination problems, he was unable to maintain his feet on the pedals. Over-sized […]

Toilet raising adaptor

Nichola, a wheelchair user with lower body paralysis, found difficulty getting on and off the toilet due to the difference in height between her chair and the toilet seat. Restricted movement meant she was dependent on carers to undertake hygiene operations following toilet use. Any device needed to be light enough to be taken on holidays. […]

Pushchair adaptation for supermarket trolley

This disabled child could not use a shopping trolley child seat. The child’s pushchair needed to be adapted to permit use of a wheelchair user’s trolley. By fitting a suitable (easily removable) adaptor frame any style of supermarket wheelchair trolley could be used. The mother can now do the family shopping with child in full view […]

Pram pulling aid

Leah has been blind from birth and, having a young child, wished to be able to take her out for walks. She found that pulling a pram with one hand whilst being guided by her dog with the other gave her an awkward posture. She needed a means of improving her posture. A towing bracket […]