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Head-mounted binoculars

A keen bird-watcher has near-total paralysis of her right hand. She had been finding it impossible to hold her binoculars steady, and wanted a device to attach them to her head and adjust them using her left hand only.

Shower control wall lever

The client was unable to reach his bath taps or the shower control from his bath chair. A wall fitting lever was made. This and the taps are operated by a length of plastic pipe. The client can now top up his bath and use the shower attachment.

Fitness cycle adaptation

Nicole had been given a home trainer. The problem with it was that she could not slot her feet into the pedals and also her left heel¬†will not keep straight, thus obstructing the pedal movement. Aluminium plates were fitted to the pedals to act as bases. As Nicole is Dutch, we fitted a pair of […]

Comb extension

Our client cannot raise her hands above her shoulders so could not comb her hair. We fitted her comb to a rod with a handle at the far end. The rod was adjusted for length and shape to suit the client. Our client can now comb her hair without help.  

Chair jack

The severely autistic, well built client needed to be moved in his chair and the chair then locked in position. The mechanism was required to be extremely discrete and work very quickly. A metal frame with rotating casters was connected to a baseboard using a bottle jack. The chair was then screwed to the baseboard […]

Bike trailer

Amber was not able to fit in a standard bike trailer. The trailer was enlarged and strengthened to give our client a comfortable ride. Amber can now go on cycle rides with the rest of her family.

Arm supports

The client has arthrogythrosis and cannot raise her arms. Adjustable Tensator springs were mounted on beams coupled by bearings to uprights which clamp to the wheelchair frame. The springs tension cords connected through pulleys to four slings, two each for wrists and elbows. The client can now use her arms for everyday tasks.