Buckinghamshire South

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Card Craft Cutting Board

A very creative lady with physical challenges makes beautiful cards as a hobby and for sale. However with her disability affects her dexterity and strength. This was making it hard to hold her work down to cut the card straight and place decorations.

Door locks, handles and latches for assessing accessibility

  Stroke patients discharged from hospital often suffer from reduced manual dexterity and find it difficult to operate the locks and security devices fitted to their doors when they get home. To help assess whether patients might face such problems, occupational therapists at Amersham Hospital asked Remap to construct a working model of a door, […]

Leg lifter for independent access to stairlift

    Rosemary from Amersham suffered a stroke and was unable to lift her right leg onto a stairlift footplate or to hold it there while the stairlift was in motion. We designed a leg lifting device with a cushioned bar that rests across her left thigh and another that goes under her right thigh. Rosemary […]

Power wheelchair trailer attachment for twins

Tim is a father with paralysed legs who looks after his 18-month-old twins on his own during the day. Frustrated that he could only take the twins out in his car, rather than to the park or along local footpaths, he bought a bicycle trailer to be towed using his powered wheelchair. However, the trailer […]

Spraycan holder for arthritis sufferer

A client has rheumatoid arthritis in her hands, affecting her finger functioning and grip. She also suffers with angina and so needs to use a Nitromin spray, but cannot operate the rather small aerosol can due to her arthritis. We built a spraycan holder that is big enough for her to grip in one hand […]

Pan stabiliser for cooking with one hand

Following a succession of strokes, father-of-two Andy lost the use of his right arm. Determined to cook for his family one handed, he was initially unable to prevent pans from sliding dangerously all over the cooker. We fashioned a horizontal frame to prevent sliding, attached to two perpendicular “goalpost” style restraints to stop pans rotating […]

Saddle seat to facilitate posture

Poor posture control made sitting at a dining table very difficult for this man, resulting in digestion problems. In a similar case, the responsible occupational therapist had found that a saddle seat with customised support had proved beneficial, but there is no commercial source for such equipment. A personalised seat was manufactured to a design […]

Multi-positional art easel

A professional artist (wheelchair user) needed an easel that would position a five foot by four foot canvas at any plane or angle. She also needed a support for her hand holding the brush. The project was undertaken in three stages. Firstly the existing easel was modified so that the client would be positioned closer […]

Throwing frame for Derek

Derek lost his legs in 2007 when the Landrover he was travelling in in Afghanistan was blown up by an anti-tank mine. But 15 months later, he was picked as one of six members of the British armed forces to develop their sporting potential at a training camp in California. Derek was chosen not only […]