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Step Stool

The client has dwarfism and is just 3ft 2″. This impacts on many daily living tasks around the home which she shares with her parents. Now into her fifties the client needs help getting on/off her the sofa, getting in/out of bed and to be able to access the kitchen worktop and sink safely. We developed bespoke equipment to enable the client to do this

Telescopic Dressing stick and Hairbrush adaptor

Telescopic dressing stick with interchangeable ends for a client with a degenerative muscular condition. Her dressing stick is a solid fixed length and therefore not of practical use outside of the home. We adapted a telescopic “selfie stick” with interchangeable end adaptors, for dressing, hair brushing and shoe fitting.

Finger Support for independent Wheelchair operation

The client has a degenerative nerve/muscular condition and needs to continue to be able to operate his wheelchair independently. A finger support was developed and fitted to the wheelchair control knob to enable him to do this.

Coat Dressing Aid

A Coat Dressing Aid to enable a man with MND to be able to put on an overcoat without assistance from others. He places his arms into the coat at low level when it is hanging on a bar. He then uses a radio remote controller […]

Guitar support for Wheelchair user

Brian is a wheel chair user and regular bass guitar player for many years. The weight of the guitar was beginning to cause stress issues around his neck via the guitar strap. The simple solution involves a rotating support for the guitar.

Ankle Brace

A very active 8 year old girl with CP finds riding a tricycle difficult due to her left ankle extending and her foot hitting the ground. An ankle brace has been designed and is now in regular use to prevent foot drop. The brace has also provided an added, unexpected benefit to aid walking

3D printed plastic cupholder

Client with Muscular Dystrophy has difficulty holding cup, solution was a 3D printed cup holder. This final solution required several iterations using plastic mould and other trial items before reaching a satisfactory conclusion

Wheelchair sitting aid

The client has short knee height relative to the seat of a wheelchair, when he sits he is at the seat front. Two people physically lift him to the back of the seat. A 100mm high platform with wall rail was made. A narrow ramp from the platform allows the front wheels of the chair […]

Retracting bed rail handle

This client has multiple sclerosis and uses a wheelchair. He has to use bed rail handles to transfer himself from his wheelchair to his bed but once sitting on the bed had difficulty in lifting his legs over the bed rail handle. The end of the bed rail was removed and modified to be located […]

Remote operating device for digital cameras

Lorna only has slight use of one finger and very restricted head movement. She wanted to be able use a digital camera to take family pictures. The camera was fitted with a two- stage electrical operating mechanism to provide focusing and exposure, operated with a finger button. The camera and operating mechanism are mounted on […]

One-handed knitting device

The client was paralysed on her left side following a stroke and wished to continue with her knitting. The device employs knitting needles modified to make them attach to a magnet. The magnet enables the free needle to be retained in a located position without hindering the movement of the stitches along the needle. The […]

Mechanical eater

Client has arthrogryposis which limits his upper limb and hand functions making eating from a plate at table level very difficult. A wooden tower was made to support the food plate nearer to mouth level. A mechanical lever mechanism enables the spoon or fork to be manipulated normally at plate and mouth level from a […]

Inflatable neck collar control system

The client has a debilitating condition that requires her to be prone in bed all day. She uses an inflatable neck collar to reduce pressure on her neck and requires a very quiet device with very light controls to allow her to inflate or adjust the pressure in the collar. A 12 volt tyre pump […]

Pet carrier for wheelchair

This lady has ME and pressure on her lap causes severe pain. She needed to be able to carry shopping and her small dog on her wheelchair. A tray was made comprising a steel frame and fabric base which is easily removed and folds flat when not in use for storage. This enables her to […]

Child seat

The client wished to be able to transport his child on his wheelchair. A pillar was mounted onto the chair footrest, cross supported from the back chair frame. A ‘Bobike’ mini seat (9 months – 3 years) fits on the top of the pillar. The client can transport his son on his wheelchair.