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Standing scooter

A client who is unable to sit in a conventional posture asked for assistance to provide her with personal local mobility. An electric scooter was adapted for use in a standing position, and the safety and utility of the design was established […]

Wrist support for pianist

Linda is an accomplished singer and pianist and teaches both, so she was deeply affected when treatment for breast cancer left her unable to support her left arm or move it sufficiently to play, even though her fingers were unaffected.

One-handed kayaking

An 11 year old boy with only one hand was keen to start kayaking, and the problem was to make a safe (and easy release) attachment for the kayak paddle. He had a simple prosthesis provided by the NHS, consisting of a forearm sleeve terminating in a 19 x 1mm threaded stub. A standard brass […]

Control of tremor

The client had trouble controlling the joystick of his wheelchair because of a severe tremor in his forearm. He was supplied with a wristband containing a flat rare earth magnet, and a small steel plate was attached to the arm of is wheelchair. The effect was to hold his wrist against the arm with sufficient […]

Chair mover

Parkinson’s sufferers often have difficulty pulling their chair up to the dining table, and carers struggle to help.   A light framework of 20mm angle iron is welded to be a reasonable fit around the chair legs, with the wheels from 75mm castors attached at each corner. For the rear corners, the swivel base of […]

Weak-grip braking for 3-wheel rollators

Many clients lack sufficient grip in at least one hand to operate the brakes on their rollator. If they have an adequate grip with the other hand, the brake cables can be paired through a ‘monkey face’ balancing plate to allow both brake pads to be operated from a single brake lever – see photo […]

Child-proof lock for fridge-freezers

Some autistic children have a compulsion to raid the fridge, which gives rise to a need for a child-proof lock that is easily controlled by the parents. Fridge-freezers usually have provision to mount the doors on either side, so there will be a pair of unused tapped holes between the doors on the open side. […]

Trolley walker with gutters and brakes

Fitting gutters to a tea trolley is a common requirement. On the older-style Bardon trolley, this is easily done by attaching the upper sections of standard gutter crutches. However, these trolleys are unbraked, and clients with balance problems may have trouble controlling them. The newer Days trolley walker is supplied with brakes, but the position […]

Anchoring pedal exercisers

There is often a need to fix pedal exercisers in relation to the client’s chair, to stop them travelling when in use. The problem can be solved by standing both pedal assembly and chair on a board. The example shown was made for use in a hospital, and so is adjustable to suit different clients’ […]

Bed or chair control switches

Clients with restricted finger movement or arthritis often have trouble operating the small ‘blister’ switches on bed controls. The solution is to clamp on a framework carrying extended rockers with plastic buttons (B&Q drawer stops) that bear on the blisters. The rockers are made of polycarbonate, and are usually transparent to enable any icons on […]

Weighted cuffs to reduce shake

The client, who has Parkinson’s disease, likes to dine out and work at his bench. He finds his forearms tend to shake when using cutlery utensils and small tools. Linen cuffs were made and pocketed to take 10mm diameter steel rods to make a total weight of 680g to act as ‘vibration’ dampers. The rods […]

Unlocking walk-in bath

Pauline has severe gout, leaving her unable to grip and pull the door clamps on her walk-in bath to release them. Two stainless steel levers, one for each clamp, were fitted to the door and capped with golf balls. A light push on each lever now releases the door clamps, enabling Pauline to get out […]

Twist grip control for electric scooter

Vivian is dependent on his electric scooter for mobility, but arthritis in his hands meant that he was unable to maintain continuous pressure on the thumb-operated control lever. A gear-change twist grip from a bicycle was modified to remove the 10-position notches and the internal diameter increased to give greater travel on the control wire. […]

Tricycle modification

Restricted growth meant that Leo could not reach the pedals on his tricycle. The saddle support was lowered by 40mm and moved forward, and a new backrest fitted. The steering column and forks were both shortened by 20mm, and a narrower crank was fabricated. Leo can now keep up with his sister on her bicycle! […]

Tabletop scissors

The client has upper limb weakness and found it very difficult to cut up triple-gauze bandage. Commercially-available tabletop scissors were suitable only for cutting paper. The plastic handles were removed from a pair of standard 20 cm stainless steel scissors. One blade was fixed into a cradle and the other (moving) blade fitted with a […]

Smoking aid with tray

The client has very limited grip and is unable to hold or control his cigarette. The base and flexible neck from a small table lamp supports a steel collet with internal O rings (adjustable for a given size of cigarette). The tray for catching the ash is a foil food dish supported in an aluminium […]