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Servo assisted sailing

Remap are regular attenders at the RYA Sailability Conference. This project is one of their members projects, but referencing here provides useful archive material for a very typical Remap area of work.

Accessible Bedside Cabinet

The client, who was bed-bound for certain periods of the day, required access to a multiplicity of items that he was unable to reach from his existing bedside cabinet

Sip and Puff Control of Smartphone or Tablet Computer

A referral for remote control of TV by a client suffering from advanced MS resulted in the development of a cheap Sip and Puff device. It is acknowledged that for intensive use, commercial products are available, but in some cases these are deemed prohibitively expensive. Accessibility software is often built in by manufacturers (certainly in […]

Sip and Puff TV Control

The client spent long periods in bed with her only entertainment being a wall mounted TV stuck on whichever channel the last carer had set it on. On the first appraisal visit it was quickly established that there was no capacity to operate a switch mechanism either by hand or foot, so the idea of […]

Gas Fire Controls

There are other posts here dealing with this problem in various efficient ways.  This project was initially tackled in yet another different way.  The problem is a common one where both depression and rotation of the control is required.  A removable operator was designed that could be slotted into the aperture of the stove.  The […]

Console Game Adaptation

The client has limited use of only one hand and limited use of both feet following an accident. He wanted to continue playing a genre of computer console games known as First Person Shooter (FPS) games. The particular characteristic of these games is that you need simultaneous and rapid use of two joysticks and also […]

Self Answering Telephone

The requirement was to enable a lady who had lost the use of her arms to continue to use her own speaker phone to receive telephone calls from relatives. The problem was solved by wiring out the contacts of the ‘Handsfree’ pushbutton to a jack socket on the side of the phone. A set of […]

Support frame for young cyclist

The client is a young boy with poor trunk control, which prevented him riding a bike. A frame of square tubing was made up, consisting of stabilisers, with padded back and side supports to fit around the boy’s waist. The assembly is clamped onto the bike frame just above the rear brake. The boy can […]

Holder for egg decoration

The client’s hobby is decorating empty goose eggs, but a stroke has left her without adequate grip in her left hand to hold the egg while painting it with her right hand. A wooden stand was made, which incorporated a knitting-needle pivoted at one end of the stand. To fit the egg, the needle is […]

Dog seat fitted to a wheelchair

A client who travels in an electric wheel-chair has a dog which is unable, or unwilling, to run when its lead is attached to the wheelchair, and would not get up onto the client’s lap. The client wished to be able to go out and take the dog with her. A lightweight dog seat was […]

Arm support for computer user

Peter has serious muscular weakness and needed a means of supporting an arm when using his computer keyboard. An arm-rest board was made, and attached to a triangular board with a ball castor at each apex.  This provides support & free movement, irrespective of the angle & position of Peter’s arm.  Peter can now use […]