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Intravenous Pump – Alarm Monitor

A monitor for an intravenous pump audio alarm. The client needs to be alerted by a vibrating pager as she is deaf. The pump has no alarm output other than an audio signal. A system has been designed and built that can distinguish the pump alarm in relatively high ambient noise and reject other events such as knocking or tapping on the microphone sensor.

Oliver’s Car

Oliver’s is a young man who’s legs are paralysed from having spinabifada but he has good upper body use. A commercial ride-in electric car was modified with a hand throttle in place of the foot pedal.

Bradshaw Buggy Conversion mk2

A second conversion of a Bradshaw bowling buggy to motorised operation, very similar to first shown at
This conversion is ‘cleaner’ and neater and fits the batteries under the seat so the buggy is usable by anybody.

Bradshaw Buggy Conversion

Adaption of bowling wheelchair – the Bradshaw Buggy used for green bowling – with electric motor drive

Controlling tremors in artist with MS

We have recently had a referral for a client, a man in his twenties/early thirties, who uses a wheelchair and has MS. He is a budding artist and has displayed and sold some of his work in the past to supplement his income and raise funds for MS. The issue he poses is that although he can hold a crayon quite easily the problem really lies with controlling his tremors.

Holder for Electronic Magnifier

The client has very poor sight and uses an electronic magnifier to aid her reading. The unit is similar to a digital camera and has buttons to control on/off, magnification, colour etc.  As she also has a problem with pain in her fingers she found that holding and operating the device for any length of […]

Remote control for wheelchair

Sue has multiple sclerosis and uses an electric wheelchair. She can drive an adapted car but once she has transferred into it she is unable to put the wheelchair away before she drives off – at the other end of her journey she has another wheelchair available. She asked Richard Brown at the Basingstoke panel whether […]

Two-child pushchair

The client has two children. The elder child has several medical problems and cannot walk very far. Therefore, he needed transport to school in addition to his young sister who cannot be left at home. The two of them had outgrown a normal buggy and larger sizes were not available. A large tandem buggy was […]

Toilet platforms

The elderly gentleman had had a stroke and was continuing to use the toilet by squatting on the rim of the pan. This was very unsafe. A floor level toilet could not be installed because other members of the family use it in the normal way. A steel framed double platform with cork surfaces was […]

Speech computer bracket for wheelchair

This child has severe cerebral palsy. His only method of communication was through a speech synthesising computer and he needed the next level of computer to continue progress but this was unable to be mounted on his powered wheelchair. An aluminium tube was mounted on the lower left side of the wheelchair with provision for […]

‘Fridge handles

The client has a fridge/freezer, and opening the fridge part on top involves turning his hand palm-up and curling his fingers into a recess. He has multiple sclerosis and this action causes him considerable pain. A door/cupboard handle was purchased which was then pop-riveted to the fridge door, providing a grip the client could manage […]

Smoking/drinking aid

The client has multiple sclerosis. His wife lights a cigarette for him but without constant help his clothes suffer burns. There is also no respite from holding the cigarette in his mouth. An adapter was made to hold a commercial cigarette holder and a plug in ashtray the length of a cigarette. The adapter was […]

Retractable wheelchair ramp

The client, an amputee wheelchair user, who lives alone required a double ramp that would allow him to exit and enter the house and to secure the door from either side without aid. The ramps were constructed from plywood with a side guard to ensure that the wheelchair cannot run over the edge. To bridge […]

Radiator control handle

Deirdre has severe arthritis and was unable to reach or turn the thermostatic control valves on her radiators. A 40mm plastic sleeve used for joining plastic plumbing pipes was shaped to fit the thermostatic radiator valves. The sleeve was then pivotally connected to an aluminium tube and T-handle. The device can be carried from room […]