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Stair-gate avoiding stair-lift rail

A six-year old who has learning and behavioural problems needed to be prevented from falling on the stairs. Although he can stand, he cannot safely climb stairs. He would pull on a slat type gate and would quickly damage it. A stair-gate shaped to avoid the stair-lift rail, was made of a wooden frame covered […]

Smoking aid

The client wished to smoke but is unable to hold a cigarette. An anglepoise arm was attached to a plate fixed to the wall and a tube was fixed at the other end of the arm into which a cigarette can be placed. A flexible pipe fitted to the other end of this tube enables […]

Shower chair for child

Five-year old child with Cockaynes Syndrome (undersized & poor balance) needed shower chair with restraints. The shower area is too small to allow a freestanding chair, and is used by other family members. A child’s plastic garden chair was adapted by adding a footrest, a webbing belt and a small plastic pommel. A standard chrome […]

Shower board for corner bath

An elderly man is unable to transfer into his bath due to limited standing balance and restricted range of movement in his knees. Standard bath boards were not suitable for his corner bath. WDP Plywood was cut to shape and slots were cut to facilitate drainage. Three L- shaped fittings were used to provide anchorage […]

Pair of steps

Very small five-year old child required steps to reach water and sand tray at school. A pair of steps was constructed using Zimmer frame parts and aluminium sheet. Non-slip rubber mats were glued to the tops of the steps. Child can now get thoroughly wet!

Modified book rest

A 12 year-old girl with visual impairment and epilepsy can only read books when they are within a few inches of her eyes. A commercial paper stand, which could be raised and lowered, was modified as follows. A hardboard base was attached to the bottom of the stand via a piano hinge, fixed by a […]

Mobile chairs

Melissa, a young girl with restricted growth, needed to be able to move her special chairs (one or two on each floor) between classrooms at school without having to rely on help from her classmates. Wheels were fitted to the back of her chairs and the back ends of the chair runners were cut to match […]

Lightweight book rest

Praful is paralysed from the neck down and wanted to be able to read books and magazines. A book rest was constructed using 6mm plywood. The part for holding the book was raised high enough to place the book in front of the client’s eyes. Apart from the hinges, all the joints are glued and […]

Fit trays to a three-wheeled walker

The client was unable to push a loaded tea-trolley over the edges of the carpets. A three-wheeled walker was used instead of the trolley. Two trays were made of white Melamine chip board. These were screwed to holes drilled in the frame of the walker. The walker can no longer be folded, and the width […]

Extension to mobility scooter platform

A man with limited movement in his knee joint was unable to place his foot on the normal footrest of his electric scooter. A forward extension to the existing footrest was made of aluminium. Care was taken to ensure that the platform did not interfere with the front (steered) wheel, and a side rail was […]