iPad stand for AI text to speech app.

The client uses an AI app on her iPad to read documents. Unfortunately the iPad has to be held very still when capturing the image and she was struggling with this (ad so did I when I tried it out). Her OT contacted us as asked if we could make a stand to hold the iPad and an A4 sized document so that she can have it read to her.

Replacements for amputated hands

The lady had suffered from sepsis and, as a consequence, had lost both hands and both feet. The NHS were able to provide a wheelchair and later prosthetic legs but had little to offer in the short term to provide hand functions. We were able to provide basic implements to enable her to feed herself, brush her hair, and to write birthday cards and sign cheques.

Standing aid

The client’s spinal problem made it difficult to get up from a sitting position at his desk. A ladder-type stand was made that allows him to pull himself up.  For stability, it is bolted to the desk.  The client is very happy with it and thinks it looks like a piece of Ercol furniture.  The […]

Chair raiser for office chair with 5 feet

The  client has an office type chair with 5 feet which needed to be raised 4 inches. A platform was made from hardwood ply supported on 5 timber bearers. The top of the platform was recessed so that the chair legs fitted in for security. Bristol panel case ref. 8\15-04

Modified keyboard table

A table was modified by altering the table angle, extending the leg to give adequate foot room and attaching a grip mat to the keyboard. Bristol panel case ref. 8\14-04

Non-slip cushion for evacuation chair

A method was required to ensure that a wheelchair user of very small and light stature, and with very poor muscle control, could be accommodated on an evacuation chair in the event of an emergency, with an acceptable degree of comfort and safety. The method involved must remove the feeling the person has of slipping sideways, […]

Hand-operated substitute for foot-operated dictaphone controller

The client works as a transcriber using a dictaphone controlled by a foot-operated device, which was giving her RSI problems. A hand-operated controller which could be positioned close to the space bar of her keyboard and be operated by her thumbs was suggested. A new controller was built to imitate the functions of the foot-operated […]