Aids to use for upper limb function for cancer patients.

Cancer patients with metastatic spinal cord compression and who are largely bed bound, require simple exercises to maintain upper body actions. Two boards were constructed that could be mounted on over bed or conventional tables, and each contained a separate range of activities. Care was taken to ensure the activities and boards were safe and could be easily cleaned. Several features are the same as Project SO29/19.

Ventilator Trolley

The 4 year old client needs a ventilator at all times and for trips outside the home, the trolley which they had been supplied with could not carry all the required equipment

Accessibility Handle for BT 4600 DECT Phone

This is a handle which is designed to clip onto a BT 4600 DECT Phone to aid grip. It is for those with weaker hands and/or limited mobility, and means that if grip is lost, the phone remains in the hand rather than dropping.

Nurse call button

A holder for existing nurse call units in hospitals that allows the unit to be used by patients with limited mobility and/or dexterity. Developed initially for use by stroke patients in a specialist ward.

Speech communicator

Our client was having trouble communicating with those around her. Her low vision and other disabilities made talking and using equipment difficult. The solution, specially developed by Remap, was a dedicated speech communication device.

Jigsaw for dementia patients

  These special jigsaws help improve the care of Dementia patients.  Shop-bought jigsaws are not suitable for hospital use. The specially crafted jigsaws are made from a wipe clean material which complies with the hospital’s infection control measures and will not break, snap or bend. They have been made in six sizes, varying in difficulty […]

Anchoring pedal exercisers

There is often a need to fix pedal exercisers in relation to the client’s chair, to stop them travelling when in use. The problem can be solved by standing both pedal assembly and chair on a board. The example shown was made for use in a hospital, and so is adjustable to suit different clients’ […]

Modified walking frame to ease adjustment

The walking frame pictured was modified by drilling a number of holes at 2 inch intervals on the top bar supports and a hole in the supporting legs. The clamping devices were replaced with bolts and wingnuts  

Door locks, handles and latches for assessing accessibility

  Stroke patients discharged from hospital often suffer from reduced manual dexterity and find it difficult to operate the locks and security devices fitted to their doors when they get home. To help assess whether patients might face such problems, occupational therapists at Amersham Hospital asked Remap to construct a working model of a door, […]

Widened commode

A very large lady needed a widened and adapted heavy duty commode that can be readily made transportable as she spends time in hospital during the year and needs the commode there. A frame was made for the heavy duty commode to widen the seating area providing improved and longer hand holds to ease access and exit. The […]

Stroke patient scanning board

The local hospital asked for a scanning board as a therapy aid to help patients suffering from strokes to overcome a frequently encountered difficulty in that they are unable to turn the body to scan to the left. There was limited space available in the therapy room. A four part scanning board was made consisting […]

Smoking aid with tray

The client has very limited grip and is unable to hold or control his cigarette. The base and flexible neck from a small table lamp supports a steel collet with internal O rings (adjustable for a given size of cigarette). The tray for catching the ash is a foil food dish supported in an aluminium […]

Smoking aid – lighting and holding

A care home requested smoking aids for two motor neurone disease patients to obviate the need for someone to be in attendance all the time to light and hold the cigarettes. A device was made consisting of an aluminium ash tray fitted with a handle and fixed to a large stabilising disc. The ash tray […]

Smoking aid

The client wished to smoke but is unable to hold a cigarette. An anglepoise arm was attached to a plate fixed to the wall and a tube was fixed at the other end of the arm into which a cigarette can be placed. A flexible pipe fitted to the other end of this tube enables […]

Saddle seat to facilitate posture

Poor posture control made sitting at a dining table very difficult for this man, resulting in digestion problems. In a similar case, the responsible occupational therapist had found that a saddle seat with customised support had proved beneficial, but there is no commercial source for such equipment. A personalised seat was manufactured to a design […]