Green spaces


Archery Stool

Client wanted a stool for archery had seen one made by Remap for the London Paralympics. We couldn’t find the original make for that stool so we made a copy.

Electrification of recumbent trike for 9 year old boy

A 9 year old boy with cerebral palsy uses a recumbent trike to strengthen leg muscles, but he is not strong enough to pedal up hills. The project provides electrical assistance by modifying the trike to add a motor, battery, pedal sensor and control module. This was complicated by the larger wheel required for the motor necessitating relocating the rear brake, fitting a new brake lever with cut out switch and emergency kill switch for the electrics.

I can jump waves on holiday!

Twin with Cerabral Palsy wanted to use his ‘K’ walker on their 1st seaside holiday on the sand and in the sea.

Modified Bike

An 8 year old girl with muscle weakness needed help to ride her bike. Modifications to her bike enabled Dad to help her by pushing & steering as required.

Accessibility Handle for BT 4600 DECT Phone

This is a handle which is designed to clip onto a BT 4600 DECT Phone to aid grip. It is for those with weaker hands and/or limited mobility, and means that if grip is lost, the phone remains in the hand rather than dropping.


The trike is a homemade piece of mobility equipment made from two bikes with a platform inbetween and a loading ramp. This allows someone that is disabled to experience the joys of cycling whilst still being in the wheelchair for maximum comfort with their favourite person doing the pedalling. If you happen to stop along the way at say a garden centre, then you still have the wheelchair with you for regular activities !

Handles for wheeled garden seat

The client struggles to get up from a wheeled garden seat when gardening. The handles on the seat are too low and the seat moves sideways when getting up. A pair of free-standing handles provide the required height and their bases act a brakes on the seat.  

Keypad lock operating tool

The client has learning difficulties and does not recognise numbers. He has been given an allotment near his home as he is a very keen gardener. The allotment has a keypad lock however which he cannot operate. It is necessary to first press C for clear. The client can do this. A five digit code […]

Wheeled garden seat for amputee

Finished seat Forming the seat cushion Underside of seat showing screw height adjustment and plywood board tool tray The client is an amputee and requires a wheeled seat to allow her to continue with her gardening.  The seat cushion needs to be custom shaped to suit the asymmetric amputation and have arms to help her […]

Washing line adjuster

This lady is a wheelchair user and found it difficult to hang out her washing due to the height of the washing line. An additional pole was concreted in halfway along the washing line and 4-armed rotating arms mounted at the top of all three of the posts. Operating cords were attached to the ends […]

Washing line adaptation

This lady has multiple sclerosis and she cannot raise her arms sufficiently to hang out her washing. Two garden clothes poles were made with cross members which could be raised and lowered by a winch. Washing lines are fixed between the cross members. The lines can therefore be at the low point for pegging out washing and […]

Trampoline ladder

Connor, a three year old boy with Down’s syndrome, needed to get on his trampoline safely. A ladder made from decking planks locks onto the trampoline frame and has nowhere he can trap his head, arms or legs. Connor can now get on and off without assistance.  

Tipping wheelbarrow

Children at Ravenscliffe School love gardening but some can contribute little or nothing to the activity. A wheelbarrow that can be attached to a wheelchair would be a useful enabling facility, especially if the child could make it tip. Severely handicapped children can be motivated by participating in the activity rather than merely watching. The […]

Support bracket/bench for chainsaw

The client has only the use of one hand and arm and needs to cut logs with a chainsaw for a wood-burning stove. A bench was made to support the chainsaw between a pair of pivoted brackets, placed & secured above the log to be cut. The logs can now be safely cut using only one […]