Saucepan pouring robot

Lady required automatic robot to safely pour a saucepan of hot liquid from a hotplate into a mug..

Homecraft Pick-Up Reacher Modification

This is a modification to the Homecraft Rolyan Pick-Up Reacher.

The problem with the standard grabber is that it only pinches the sides of an object if you pick it up from lying down. The modification with wider jaws and a design that curves round means that it can get underneath the object to ‘scoop’ it… making it easier to pick up (and also maintain hold with a weaker grip).

Large buttons for recliner chair

Our client cannot see and cannot operate the soft touch buttons on the hand controller supplied with a top end recliner chair. I made a holder for the controller that fixes it to the side of the chair and has four large and differently shaped buttons so they can be identified by touch.

Accessibility Handle for BT 4600 DECT Phone

This is a handle which is designed to clip onto a BT 4600 DECT Phone to aid grip. It is for those with weaker hands and/or limited mobility, and means that if grip is lost, the phone remains in the hand rather than dropping.

Radio push-button controls

The client’s advancing dementia made it difficult to operate the baffling array of buttons on his new DAB radio.

Control of tremor

The client had trouble controlling the joystick of his wheelchair because of a severe tremor in his forearm. He was supplied with a wristband containing a flat rare earth magnet, and a small steel plate was attached to the arm of is wheelchair. The effect was to hold his wrist against the arm with sufficient […]

Weighted cuffs to reduce shake

The client, who has Parkinson’s disease, likes to dine out and work at his bench. He finds his forearms tend to shake when using cutlery utensils and small tools. Linen cuffs were made and pocketed to take 10mm diameter steel rods to make a total weight of 680g to act as ‘vibration’ dampers. The rods […]

Weighted beaker

The client’s condition resulted in violent hand tremors which prevented him drinking from a normally weighted, though modified, tumbler. After some experimenting, it was found that by adding weight to the beaker in the form of an encased lead ‘shoe’ this enabled the client to use it normally. The client can now drink without assistance […]

Toilet transfer

This lady has very bad tremors and kept slipping off the toilet with the likelihood of injuring herself. A sheet of thick Perspex was cut to fit the gap between the walls, and profiled round the toilet seat to give continuous support. The Perspex, being attached to the seat, allowed easy cleaning of the bowl. […]

Keyboard guide

Tremors in the client’s fingers meant that he tended to touch two or more keys when using the laptop computer keyboard. A shield was requested by his parents. An aluminium plate was machined with holes positioned at the location of every key on the keyboard and fixed to the laptop. A direct photocopy of the […]

Drawer locking system

A local care centre asked for help to devise a drawer locking system for bedside cabinets which would enable patients with shaky hands to place the key in the lock without assistance. A removable plastic insert which slotted behind the drawer handle and over the keyhole was produced. This allows the patient to locate the […]

Cardboard box opener

This client struggled to open food packaging. He was unable to manipulate scissors and had a tremor in his arms that affected the fine motor movements needed to open packets. A large handled tool to peel back lids and pierce through cardboard and packaging was suggested. No device will open everything and the client could […]