Reduced/cramped space available


Toilet seat back rest

A severely disabled wheelchair user needed a back rest for the toilet to allow her to continue living independently. No suitable commercial product available.

Special folding chair

The client, a 7 year old child, has cerebral palsy and is unable to walk, talk and has poor vision. One of his carers wanted a special folding chair to fit into a small room, which would provide the correct body support. Modifying a standard baby bouncer type chair was tried without success. A special chair was designed and made from wood.

Wheelchair Turntable

A man who had a stroke now uses an attendant propelled wheelchair. The access/egress from the house in which he resided was difficult with a need to negotiate a right angle bend in a very confined location. An infill next to a step provided a level access and incorporated a turntable on which the chair could be rotated to the new direction.

Raised wheelchair footrest

A client with one leg amputated wanted to rest his remaining leg on the footrest of his wheelchair. The existing footrest extended too far even when folded back and did not allow the client to rotate the wheelchair in his sitting room due to lack of space. The existing footrest was removed and a replacement […]

Raise/lower seat mobility aid

The client’s cottage has a narrow landing and limited access to the bathroom, which precluded use of wheelchair. The solution was to build a wheeled conveyance for use over carpeted areas. With the seat in its lowered position the client could take himself from bedroom to bathroom. Once alongside the washbasin the seat could be […]

Narrow manoeuvrable wheelchair

This lady with multiple sclerosis cannot manoeuvre a standard wheelchair around the various corners in her house. A 25mm square tube steel welded frame wheelchair was fabricated with rear casters and front wheels positioned to suit the client. A tilting footrest was necessary. A crude rod brake system immobilised the chair when required. The wheels, […]

Foldaway ramp

The client has post-polio syndrome and uses a scooter to move around her home. She was unable to access her conservatory as it was at a lower level. She required a ramp which could be raised when not in use, as the space was required for her physiotherapy treatment and the scooter required a maximum […]

Drop-down table

The client is a young lady in a wheelchair living in special accommodation with 24 hour care. To maximize kitchen space, a drop-down table, at a height to allow a wheelchair to pass under it, was required. A hook-type shelf wall – mounting bracket and wall fixing channels were obtained and modified. A tabletop, made […]

Chair to accommodate wheelchair “shell”

This client needed a wheelchair with a formed “shell” to be comfortable but the wheelchair is too large for use easily in the house. A compact chassis was built to accommodate the wheelchair “shell”. The chassis has small wheels to enable the client to be easily manoeuvred in the house. The client enjoys comfort in […]