Reduced coordination


Special folding chair

The client, a 7 year old child, has cerebral palsy and is unable to walk, talk and has poor vision. One of his carers wanted a special folding chair to fit into a small room, which would provide the correct body support. Modifying a standard baby bouncer type chair was tried without success. A special chair was designed and made from wood.

Giant Rummikub Board

Following on from the Giant Scrabble Board, we were asked to provide a matching Rummikub game

Mattress Spacer

This elderly client required a spacer to fill a gap in her mattress. She had been supplied with a pressure-reducing mattress topper, which (strangely) was 6″ too long for a standard double-bed.

Oven transfer shelf

This handy shelf allows Daniel to slide hot dishes in and out of the oven safely.

Radio push-button controls

The client’s advancing dementia made it difficult to operate the baffling array of buttons on his new DAB radio.

Wheelchair bull bars

Guard in use The parts used The client is particularly vulnerable to fractures to his ankles and so used to place his feet behind his wheelchair footrests to protect them from collision, which caused discomfort and pressure behind his knees. The stainless steel tubular guard provides the necessary protection to give him the confidence to […]

Special tablet computer wall mount

The client suffers from poor hand coordination and uses a tablet PC a lot. He needed a strong support to stop shake and which could be folded away after use. A swinging arm support was constructed using aluminium tubing and “Kee Clamp” fittings. Bristol REMAP case ref. 6\13-06

Nurse call chin switch

The client suffers from severe paralysis and has difficulty in attracting the attention of a nurse. Bristol REMAP has designed a chin operated call switch which the client has to press 3 times in a 5 second window. This should eliminate false calls due to normal movement.

Bicycle pedal straps

Pedals in natural positions Pedal rotated to show fixing method A 4 year old child with spina bifida has difficulty keeping her feet on the pedals of her bicycle.  Commercial pedal clips are only available in adult sizes. Straps were added to the existing pedals. The metal parts provide counterweights to ensure the pedals naturally […]

Pan stabiliser for cooking with one hand

Following a succession of strokes, father-of-two Andy lost the use of his right arm. Determined to cook for his family one handed, he was initially unable to prevent pans from sliding dangerously all over the cooker. We fashioned a horizontal frame to prevent sliding, attached to two perpendicular “goalpost” style restraints to stop pans rotating […]

Modified Pedals for an Exercise Machine

Remap were asked to modify a pedal exercise machine. The brief was to help the user to retain their feet on the pedals during exercise whilst in a sitting position. This was achieved by securing a pair of the user’s shoes to the pedals as shown. Unmodified pedal Pedals in use To use, with the […]

Electronic Cable Release for a Nikon Camera

This client took excellent photographs from his powered wheelchair. He could line up the camera before the shot,  but a helper had to press the shutter-release button on his behalf because his fine motor control was not sufficiently good. He requested a large shutter-release button to connect to his Nikon camera. The camera has a […]

Stair Gate to Prevent Falls

The client needed a stair gate to prevent them falling down the stairs when they moved about upstairs at night.  With the gate in place the client could move around upstairs without fear of stumbling down the stairs. The gate was constructed from Easyfix aluminium sections and joining pieces.  Piano hinge was used for the […]

Ankle straps for pedals

The client is a stroke victim, who uses a set of exercise pedals to exercise his lower legs and ankles. His feet slide out of the pedals. He requires something to restrain his ankles from sliding off of the back of the pedals. The assembly was supplied with rubber ‘toe clips’ which were attached to […]