Pressure relief


Alternate Footrest for a Recliner

The patient could not use her recliner chair as the footrest came up and aggravated her skin.
I swapped the chair leg rest for a smaller pad made from plywood and foam to support her feet.

Palm Free Cutlery

Philippa is unable to tolerate pressure in the palms of her hands, making it difficult to hold or grip cutlery. Off-the-shelf equipment does not offer a suitable solution. The OT had made a cutlery holder that fits around the back of the hand, using thermoplastic splinting material, and the client’s special melamine-handled fork and spoon […]

Laptop Wrist Support

Client with Bi-lateral wrist fractures has aching arms when using the laptop, and needed something to support the weight of both plaster casts.

Workshop stool back support

The client needed a workshop stool that would provide support to his badly damaged pelvis and back to allow him to return to work in comfort. Working with him and his OT we devised the right amount of support, stability and mobility by modifying an existing commercially available stool.

Mattress Spacer

This elderly client required a spacer to fill a gap in her mattress. She had been supplied with a pressure-reducing mattress topper, which (strangely) was 6″ too long for a standard double-bed.

Shaped back support

Back pack and half inflated cushion Back pack and shaped foam Back pack with hook in position Back pack in use The client has a protruding shoulder blade as a result of scoliosis which makes it very uncomfortable to sit in most chairs and required a solution that is discrete. He was supplied with two […]

Prone trolley

This lady had broken her back and the continuous use of a wheelchair was causing discomfort. A prone trolley was found to be greatly beneficial but being no longer available commercially, we were asked to design and produce a similar device. The wheels were begged from the local wheelchair services, although used, they were in […]

Mattress positioner

The client has a gel mattress on top of her normal mattress. During the night, when she turned over, the gel mattress would slip off the bed with her on it. The gel mattress had to be kept in position and save the client hurting herself. A bed guard had to be made higher than […]

Pet carrier for wheelchair

This lady has ME and pressure on her lap causes severe pain. She needed to be able to carry shopping and her small dog on her wheelchair. A tray was made comprising a steel frame and fabric base which is easily removed and folds flat when not in use for storage. This enables her to […]

Bed support frame

This lady is not strong enough to change her position in bed without help and was in danger for developing pressure sores. A frame was constructed to fit over the bed to enable the client to use her hands to change her body position. She is able to sleep more comfortably and reduce the chances […]