Poor muscle tone


Bow stand for one handed archery project

North Lincolnshire council run activity sessions at various “wellbeing hubs” around the county. One of the activities is archery and although they had a bow stand made by Remap some years ago for wheelchair use they asked for another one suitable for use both in a chair and standing.

Oven transfer shelf

This handy shelf allows Daniel to slide hot dishes in and out of the oven safely.

Modify sit-to-stand aid

The client’s feet are splayed and this means she cannot position herself far enough forward to safely stand on the platform of her ReTurn7400 sit-to-stand aid. The platform was modified to suit.

Buggy mounting steps

Buggy with steps in position Transit wheels in use Several of the children at a special school arrive in  MacLaren buggies which are quite high and they are unable to climb in and out of them. Because of their height and the fact that the seat is angled back, the children struggle to reach the […]

Shoe fitting aid

After a stroke, the client struggles to put on his shoes one-handed, in particular keeping the tongue and Velcro straps open as he slips his foot in. A sloping stand holds the shoe steady and stiff wire brackets hold the straps open.  

Foot stop for sit-to-stand aid

Completed job Knee support The unmodified ReTurn aid The client has a ReTurn standing aid. After a stroke, her left leg has little function so when using the aid, her foot is prone to slip sideways off the platform and her knee also needs extra lateral support. She also sometimes wears a leg brace. To […]

Special snooker cue rest

The client has difficulty in forming a cue rest with his hand. A rest body was made from hardwood and the rests 3-D printed in plastic. There are two different supports and spacers, and an M5 button-headed socket screw.The support is dis-assembled using an allen key Brisrol panel case ref 11\15-04

Anchoring pedal exercisers

There is often a need to fix pedal exercisers in relation to the client’s chair, to stop them travelling when in use. The problem can be solved by standing both pedal assembly and chair on a board. The example shown was made for use in a hospital, and so is adjustable to suit different clients’ […]

Activity stand for prone child

Activity stand in use Activity stand Frame A severely disabled child needs an adjustable stand to hold her toys so she can play with them while lying prone. First thoughts of modifying a commercial over-bed table were dismissed after it proved difficult to source anything suitable. The tray is tilt adjustable, and includes screw-in eyelets […]

Wheeled tumbleforms

Katie uses tumbleforms, moulded plastic wedge seats, which cannot be moved easily. Wheeled tumbleforms are available but the seat is too upright for Katie. A support frame on castors was made to accommodate the tumbleform seat. Katie can now be moved around easily and lifted in conjunction with an overhead hoist .  

Support frame for young cyclist

The client is a young boy with poor trunk control, which prevented him riding a bike. A frame of square tubing was made up, consisting of stabilisers, with padded back and side supports to fit around the boy’s waist. The assembly is clamped onto the bike frame just above the rear brake. The boy can […]

Safe bike trailer seat

George is a boy with Downs syndrome, learning disabilities, low muscle tone and balance problems, but he loves bicycles. His parents had bought a cycle trailer but it had to hold him safely. A support frame was made from old zimmer frame tubing inside foam rubber padding and wrapped in tape and bolted to a […]

Saddle seat to facilitate posture

Poor posture control made sitting at a dining table very difficult for this man, resulting in digestion problems. In a similar case, the responsible occupational therapist had found that a saddle seat with customised support had proved beneficial, but there is no commercial source for such equipment. A personalised seat was manufactured to a design […]

Rocking horse saddle

The client has spina bifida and cannot use her rocking horse safely. She needed more support. A thermoplastic, moulded saddle was produced which enables the client to sit on the horse with more confidence. In addition, a ‘handlebar’ was inserted into the horse’s neck to provide a firmer grip. The client can now use the […]

Retracting bed rail handle

This client has multiple sclerosis and uses a wheelchair. He has to use bed rail handles to transfer himself from his wheelchair to his bed but once sitting on the bed had difficulty in lifting his legs over the bed rail handle. The end of the bed rail was removed and modified to be located […]