Parkinsons Disease


Accessible Bedside Cabinet

The client, who was bed-bound for certain periods of the day, required access to a multiplicity of items that he was unable to reach from his existing bedside cabinet

Chin Support

Client who has Parkinson disease does not like wearing collars to support her head. Client suggested making a padded chin support that she could hold.  An approximate chin shape mould was made and an aluminium chin shape support made. Support is lined with 10mm zote foam. Handle approx. 500mm long is attached by a small […]

Chair mover

Parkinson’s sufferers often have difficulty pulling their chair up to the dining table, and carers struggle to help.   A light framework of 20mm angle iron is welded to be a reasonable fit around the chair legs, with the wheels from 75mm castors attached at each corner. For the rear corners, the swivel base of […]

Adult stair gate

The client is sometimes confused due to medication being taken and needed a stairgate or barrier which could be hinged out of the way when not in use. A hinged barrier was made from wood which could be raised and held with a “detent” pin.

Pill dispenser

The client has severe Parkinsons and needed help in taking tablets during the night without waking his carer. A device was made to wake him with an alarm and present him with tablets and water. An automatic stirrer was provided for pre-dissolved tablets.  

Commode brakes

Client has Parkinsons and arthritis and finds the brakes on her glideabout commode to heavy to apply herself. Without her husband’s help she can’t stabilise the commode to transfer to the stairlift. A 2nd hand commode was acquired and the brakes modified Can transfer to stairlift independently  

Injection site massager

The client has had Parkinson’s disease for 11 years. He has nodules on his thighs resulting from the frequent injections, which in turn, make injecting difficult through the tough tissue and reduces the effectiveness of the drug. Vigorous massage is required to effectively disperse the nodules. An improved version of his own home-made ‘pommeller’ was […]

Weighted cuffs to reduce shake

The client, who has Parkinson’s disease, likes to dine out and work at his bench. He finds his forearms tend to shake when using cutlery utensils and small tools. Linen cuffs were made and pocketed to take 10mm diameter steel rods to make a total weight of 680g to act as ‘vibration’ dampers. The rods […]

Special lectern

A middle-aged man with Parkinson’s disease needed a rest for books when reading sat in his armchair. Because of the shaking associated with this condition he cannot hold his books. The lectern designed has almost universal positioning to adjust for sitting comfort and light source. The plate swings into the vertical position to allow access […]

Reading aid

A client with Parkinson’s disease has difficulty sleeping. He reads a lot during the night and required a device to support heavy books – a device which could be easily pushed to one side. The client gave permission to modify a bedside item of furniture to provide a sliding device fitted with a lectern. The […]

Playing card holder

A man with Parkinson’s disease liked to play cards but was unable to hold them in his hand. A card holder which holds 13 cards in separate slots and allows the player to place or retrieve each card simply. The client is now able to play card games, including bridge. (Lothian)

Mobile and elevating computer desk

The client has Parkinson’s disease and has reduced mobility and strength. She wishes to use her computer from a wheelchair and from her bed. A worktop was constructed with an elevating section for the keyboard and pull-out tray for a mouse and remote control. A hydraulic jack was fitted between the caster-mounted support frame and […]

Horse mounting platform

Karon, in the early stages of Parkinson’s disease, had been recommended to continue riding but could not mount her horse from a normal height block. A platform with steps was provided. Karon can now step astride her horse easily.

Fine craft steady grip

Client has Parkinson’s disease. She has prominent tremor in left hand. She has a keen interest in craft especially for dolls houses. She was having difficulties completing work to a satisfactory standard. Construction of a fine gripper to hold steady small pieces of furniture. Client can participate in her hobby with improved standards of work. […]

Cardboard box opener

This client struggled to open food packaging. He was unable to manipulate scissors and had a tremor in his arms that affected the fine motor movements needed to open packets. A large handled tool to peel back lids and pierce through cardboard and packaging was suggested. No device will open everything and the client could […]