Oxygen tank use


Ventilator Trolley

The 4 year old client needs a ventilator at all times and for trips outside the home, the trolley which they had been supplied with could not carry all the required equipment

Oxygen and Suction Hose Clamp for Bed Frame

End user is 15 year old child, has medical equipment in bedroom, oxygen concentrator and suction, long lengths of plastic tubing which needed to be kept tidy and safe, to prevent trips and to prevent damage to equipment. Previously was using tie-wraps to tie excess tubing to bed frame which was untidy. Nasal cannula and […]

Air Mask Microphone

The Client wears a positive air pressure mask at all times. This makes it difficult for people to hear what she says.

Ventilator Carrying Trolley

A sixteen-year old girl with a wheelchair mounted ventilator system required a way to transport the equipment so that she could build her strength by walking.

Drag-bag conversion to take ambulatory oxygen cylinder

Client’s requirement This referral came from a pulmonary rehab OT for a 72 year-old Crone’s sufferer who had complications from medication which resulted in surgery and the occasional need for ambulatory oxygen. The engineer highlighted the limited mobility over rough ground of the small-wheel drag-bag compared to larger-wheel (150mm diameter) shopping trolleys and showed examples […]

Trolley for oxygen equipment

This 5-year old boy needs a constant oxygen supply. At home, he is connected to the supply via a long tube but the portable supply he had was too heavy for him to carry and he needed the constant attendance of a carer. The portable supply was mounted on a child-sized trolley like a miniature […]

Trolley for oxygen cylinder

Ruarigh is a young oxygen-dependent boy, who needed a pull trolley for his oxygen cylinder to make it easier for him to go out. It also needed to fit behind his bicycle. A frame to locate the cylinder was fabricated from flat bar. This was attached to a pair of wheels and the cylinder secured […]

Oxygen cylinder carrier for wheelchair

The client relies on bottled oxygen. When taken outdoors in her wheelchair she had to securely hold the oxygen cylinder between her legs, resting it on the foot plates of the wheelchair. Two support brackets are held in place on the wheelchair tubulars by lock screws. The brackets do not interfere with the folding of […]

Oxygen cylinder carrier

An elderly client needing a permanent oxygen supply, wished to continue country walking. A standard shopping trolley had been tried but it was difficult to carry the cylinders securely and gave insufficient ground clearance. A frame of square section tube was fabricated to carry two cylinders on one side and a hinged aluminium box for […]

Oxygen bottle trolley

The client has impaired lung function and requires a continuous supply of oxygen. Having always been very active, he found the oxygen bottle and supply tubing annoyingly restrictive. A light-weight trolley was made to hold the oxygen cylinder, metering unit and excess supply tubing. He can walk virtually anywhere unaided, albeit at his own pace. […]

Oxygen bottle stowage & transporter

A severely disabled man had difficulty in moving his oxygen bottles around the home, often resulting in the bottle being knocked over. A lightweight wooden shopping trolley with a stable base and a recess to take the base of the oxygen bottle was made. It has an adjustable securing strap for the taller bottles sometimes […]

Nasal cannula

A nasal cannula is approx 2.5m. If the user is mobile there is a considerable amount of spare tubing. This can be a hazard for the user and others. They must use one hand to gather in and hold this extra tubing. The tubing is taped to a coil from a plastic ‘slinky’ toy. Thus […]

Mounting for oxygen bottle on child’s buggy

The young child, born prematurely, needs oxygen 24 hours a day, meaning that his mother had to carry a heavy oxygen cylinder with her when taking him out in his buggy. The buggy needed to be modified to carry a quickly detachable cylinder whilst retaining its folding capability and ability to tow a “buggy board” on […]

Gas bottle carrier

This client needed to be able to easily transport an oxygen cylinder. The carrier was made to take both 100mm or 175mm diameter bottles and can be easily stored when not in use. The client can safely and comfortably wheel his oxygen around. 0