Muscular Dystrophy


Shower chair footrest

The standard footrests of John’s showerchair made it difficult to manoeuvre around the narrow doors and landing of his home. More compact custom footrests were made.

Bed Controller Modification

The client is mostly paralysed from the neck down except that he can move one arm but has minimal grip. The only way he could press the buttons on the hand held bed controller was to bite the buttons with his teeth.

Rollator brakes

A client has a progressive muscle weakness, that particularly affects hand grip, walking and balance. He is having trouble operating the brakes on his rollator (wheeled walker) and this makes him feel very unsafe.

Tricycle foot restraints

Connor is a young child with extensive muscular dystrophy who was learning to develop limb movement. His parents had bought a tricycle system which incorporated seat belts and a push bar to help exercise and strengthen his leg muscles. However, due to coordination problems, he was unable to maintain his feet on the pedals. Over-sized […]

Transfer sling and frame

This young man, who has muscular dystrophy, was unable to get entry into a specially modified house to let him live independently as he could not manage to transfer between his wheelchair and the toilet on his own. After several unsuccessful attempts with different designs of transfer boards we installed a redundant electric hoist donated […]

Toilet transfer board

The client has muscular dystrophy and had difficulty transferring to and from her wheelchair. The commercially available transfer board was unsuitable for her toilet because it was too long and the aperture did not fit. A toilet seat was manufactured from 18mm ply and fitted with a plastic bridge which rose over the wheelchair tyre, […]

Standing assistance

Muscular dystrophy had led to this man being unable to straighten up from a “toe-touching” position. A cordless screwdriver was used to elevate the cross arms of a standing aid and raise his body to the vertical. He could now stand up straight without assistance.  

Shower tray

A young lady with muscular dystrophy was beginning to encounter difficulties supporting the weight of her upper arms and reaching for shampoos etc when showering and washing her hair. A detachable tray was devised which fitted across the arms of a standard shower chair enabling the client to rest her elbows on the tray and […]

Leg brace adaptors

A muscle wasting disease meant this man could not stand without hinged steel braces but these did not fit his wasted legs sufficiently well to prevent backward bowing of his legs. Heat moulded casts were provided by the occupational therapist. Brass sheet was moulded and secured to these to strengthen and extend them. He can […]

Leather strap to support violin

The client is an accomplished violinist who could no longer hold the instrument properly due to a neurological disorder. After careful examination of the problem it was decided to make a modified belt harness out of leather by a saddler to the supplied drawings. The client can now enjoy playing her violin and can continue […]

Knee restraint

The client has muscular dystrophy and requires an electric scooter to move about. To assist his posture a means was required to keep his knees in but there was no standard equipment available. A bar was fixed to the seat and hinged in such a way it could be swung up out of the way […]

Feeding device

A young student with motor difficulties needed help to hold his plate at school mealtimes. An Anglepoise lamp was modified to hold his plate, with a simple locking mechanism to fix its position. The student is now able to feed himself at school from the securely supported plate.  

Feeding aid

The client has insufficient limb movement to feed himself. The equipment must fit onto his wheelchair tray. The lower left arm is supported by a gutter which the client can raise and lower by two push-buttons operated by his left hand, enabling him to raise food to his mouth. The food dish fits onto an […]

Face wipe

The client suffered a runny nose and wanted something to help, since he was not able to lift his own hands. The solution was to design and make a frame to fix to his wheelchair, to which a wipe could be clamped by his carer conveniently in front of, but not obstructing, his face. The […]

Exercise bike modification

Marion has left-side weakness after a stroke and was experiencing difficulties keeping her foot on the left pedal of her exercise bike. The foot needed to be held in the correct position with no risk of sharp corners or hard material making contact with the foot. It must be possible to place the foot into […]

Exercise bike

This client has spinal muscular atrophy and in order to delay the progression of muscle wasting he has to exercise as much as possible but is very restricted in what he can do.  An exercise bike needed to be adapted to hold his legs in place and have a smaller pedaling cycle than normal. The […]