Blink activated alarm

A Raspberry Pi + Camera solution to allow someone with advanced MND to alert carers using just blinking.

Improved braking on walker-trolley

Typical walker-trolley Modified wheels The client has motor neurone disease and uses a walker trolley to get around the house, but finds the brakes are not good enough to provide the required stability. It was found that the poor braking ability of the trolley was caused by the low grip between the wheels and the […]

Electric Blanket Controls modification

The client has motor neurone disease and limited hand function. To make operating her electric blanket controls easier, the switch was fitted with an extended handle. Bristol Remap case ref. 11\14-14

Stairlift Control modifications

The client has minimal hand function as a result of motor neuron desease and finds operating her stairlift controls difficult. A rubber mask was designed to fit over the buttons. Bristol Remap case ref 11\14-08

Switch for hospital bed control

A lady with motor neurone disease who has loss of power in hands and arms, cannot put enough pressure on the switch pads for her adjustable hospital bed at home. An extra control box has been fitted with low pressure switches. The existing control remains fully functional. She can now alter the position of her […]

Smoking aid – lighting and holding

A care home requested smoking aids for two motor neurone disease patients to obviate the need for someone to be in attendance all the time to light and hold the cigarettes. A device was made consisting of an aluminium ash tray fitted with a handle and fixed to a large stabilising disc. The ash tray […]

Liquid feed bag opener

The client, who has motor neurone disease, is fed through a tube with liquid food supplied in litre packs. It took the client about one hour to break the foil seal of the pack due to his condition. A device was designed and made which holds the feed pack and a lever mechanism pierces the […]

Foot support

The client, who has motor neurone disease, cannot sleep at night as her feet overhang her sleeping chair. A hard and soft extension was made for the sleeping chair. The client can now sleep comfortably.

Feeding machine

Hazel, who has motor neurone disease, could not lift her arms far and had very little grip. Consequently she had to be fed by her husband. She wanted to be more independent for both eating and drinking. A machine was made which used a pair of pivoted arms to lift a carriage holding a spoon […]

Adjustable food bowl holder

A young student with motor difficulties needed help to hold his plate at school mealtimes. An Anglepoise lamp was modified to hold his plate, with a simple locking mechanism to fix its position. The student is now able to feed himself at school from the securely supported plate.  

Electrical equipment to lift forearm to assist feeding

A feeding device for motor neurone disease patients was required by a local hospital. The device needed to be able to be used by the patients either standing, sitting or lying down and the physical input required to operate the device had to be kept to the minimum. The design uses the patient’s arm as […]

Electric feeder aids

The client has motor neurone disease and requires a commercial electric feeder to eat without assistance. As the spoon has to be shallow to collect the food, soft foods and liquids caused problems. He also had difficulty in accessing a drink during his meal. A contoured shelf to follow the spoon path was made from […]

Drinking aid for person with limited mobility

This client is confined to his bed and requires a drinking aid as he also has very limited mobility. A drinking aid was made from a standard drinking bottle and tube to provide a drinking system the client can use when laying in bed. The client can now drink unattended.  

Drinking aid with water bottle

The client has multiple sclerosis and uses a wheelchair. She wanted to be able to drink without assistance. An adjustable rig was made to support a water bottle at an elevated position and supply water to a ‘bite valve’ by gravity feed. The valve is located adjacent to the client’s mouth. The client now has […]

Drink holder on wheelchair

Leander is partially sighted, and required a safe place to stow a cup. The panel made a wire cup holder on an articulated arm, which clamps to the chair. Leander can now have a hot drink safely within reach.