Light sensitivity


Very bright bedside reading lamp

An elderly lady needed a very bright bedside light to enable her to continue her passion for reading. This light was constructed from a 30W LED floodlight and made use of 3D printed parts to protect the electrical connections.

UV Shelter for Quad Cycle

Alice, who is 5 years old, has the condition known as Exeroderma Pigmuntosum (XP); she has zero tolerance to the UV component of normal daylight – even on overcast days. As such she has to have her entire body screened from daylight and can only go outside during daylight hours if she has been completely […]

UV screen for electric car

Three year old Alice has severe xeroderma pigmentosa, and, as a result, her skin is totally intolerant to ultra violet light. Alice had recently been given a small electric car and wished to be reasonably free to use it outdoors but when out she has to ensure her skin is totally covered to prevent exposure […]