Large people


Special toilet seat

A bariatric client with motor neuron disease wishes to self-insert suppositories and enemas while seated over the toilet. A reinforced toilet seat with improved access was provided.

adjustable cuffs for crutches

Cuffs (which contain the upper arm) on crutches only come in two sizes- standard and bariatric . The standard cuff can be stretched to fit moderately large arms but what about large arms which do not require a bariatric fitting? My client was 20stone with an arm circumference of 48cms. The standard cuff was just tolerable when wearing a shirt but not possible when going outside with a coat on. A simple modification employing a narrow strip of aluminium allowed the cuff to be expanded for normal usage which could also be extended further for outdoor usage with coat wearing. Afterwards the cuff could be easily compressed back to its previous size. This helped his mobility and mental health issues (due to improved social interactions) .

Gutter frame customisation

The client is exceptionally tall and could not find a suitable gutter frame to suit him. A special frame was made from standard components

Play Guard

A client with severe learning disabilities loves to roll on the floor of her shared lounge. Unfortunately it is unsafe for her and other residents, and staff haven’t the time to supervise her. Staff asked us to create a safe area for her to do this.

Support Leg

Client required a support leg for an existing rail beside her toilet. It was not possible to simply replace the rail due to various restraints including a brittle wall, also the leg needed to be freestanding so as to not damage the flooring.

Widened commode

A very large lady needed a widened and adapted heavy duty commode that can be readily made transportable as she spends time in hospital during the year and needs the commode there. A frame was made for the heavy duty commode to widen the seating area providing improved and longer hand holds to ease access and exit. The […]

Toilet seat for large man

A large framed gentleman had difficulty positioning himself on the toilet accurately. He refused to use any ancillary aids. A bespoke seat was made which, whilst allowing for the more average sized user, was wider and thus provided better positioning support. It also included an integral lip under the front of the seat, thus incorporating what […]

Large bowling wheelchair

This very large man with Poem’s Syndrome had great difficulty when bowling with his club. He needed to bowl close to his wheelchair. The club agreed for Remap to adapt one of their special bowling wheel-chairs. New cranked side armrests were made that were 225mm wider than the standard with the right one 225mm lower […]

Customised toilet frame

Mark is a large man – 6’ 5” and 16 stone – and had difficulty, because of his height, in transferring himself from his wheelchair to the toilet that was positioned on a 100mm plinth. His elderly mother was having increasing difficulty helping him do this. He needed a toilet frame that would withstand his […]