Car seat safety screen

12-year old George with developmental and behavioural issues lashes out when anxious and finds transitions stressful. His mother requires a screen to separate him from his siblings in the back seat of their car. A twin-wall polycarbonate screen was made that sits between the individual rear seats, keeping them apart.

Children’s Indoor Sensory Swing

A cost effective Indoor sensory swing designed for children on the spectrum to have in their homes.
An indoor sensory swing that has a minimal impact on your home to support autistic children’s therapy.
A indoor sensory swing sourced from items easily sourced.

I will recreate another indoor swing asap and include better videos and photos soon.

Wheelchair food tray

The parents of a hyperactive boy who wouldn’t sit at the table on a chair and had a habit of throwing plates asked for our help. They were going on holiday abroad with him for the first time and were very apprehensive about mealtimes. As he had a new wheelchair into which he could be […]

Vibration seat

The clients have hearing, learning and some severe agitation problems. A sound vibration seat was constructed. This contains an amplifier and loudspeaker that can be fed from a sound source such as a CD player. When operating, low frequency sounds cause the seat to vibrate in time to the beat of the music. This seat […]

Secure TV/video unit

A hyperactive child was frequently at risk of injury to self, interacting at close quarters with TV and video. The panel constructed a corner unit to accommodate all of their entertainment equipment. The item was made of interior grade plywood and securely attached to the walls. Enclosed space between walls and unit was employed to […]

Modified door

A hyperactive little girl needed to be prevented from gaining access to the stairway from her bedroom. The door was modified so that she could be stopped from opening the door but easy access could still be maintained if needed. The girl’s parents now have increased peace of mind. (Stranraer) 0

Feeding bowl clamp

The client is a blind boy who attends a local school for disabled children. At lunch times, a tray was clamped to a table & a bowl of food placed on the tray. After eating the food, the boy threw the bowl anywhere and was in danger of hitting other children. A plastic lid was […]

Cot-bed bars

This toddler with Downs syndrome was outgrowing his cot. His mother needed somewhere he could be left safely to sleep and play. The solution should allow easy access for his mother and be quickly removable for cleaning. A full-size bed was considered most suitable, allowing plenty of space when functioning as a playpen. Three frames […]

Cooker fence

Daniel is a hyperactive boy who tries to touch saucepans and the hot exposed sides of the cooker and attempts to open the oven door. A frame was made with hinged panels covering the exposed sides and the oven door. A fence was provided round the cooker top. A transparent hinged covered the knobs allowing […]

Child harness

A mother requested an aid to keep her severely disabled child under control whilst being changed. Six slots were cut in a piece of MDF through which the restraining straps of a Leckey waistcoat (usually used in the child’s buggy) would just pass and the buckles fixed together behind. The board was padded and lined […]