Hands free


Head-mounted binoculars

A keen bird-watcher has near-total paralysis of her right hand. She had been finding it impossible to hold her binoculars steady, and wanted a device to attach them to her head and adjust them using her left hand only.

Head Probe

The client has very limited movement in his arms and hands but can move his head accurately. He used to enjoy reading so to allow him to read independently again a device that let him control an e-reader with his head was needed.

Mounting Baby/Child Seats To Wheelchairs

A soulution to the recurring demand to mount equipment to wheelchairs including Wanzil trend babyy carrier, YEPP child bike seat and a solution for non-child carrying purposes using an offset socket which can be useful for other devices (for example a tray).

Grab Rails for a double amputee

The Client , a lady, had lost both hands and feet due to sepsis. A stairlift had been installed in her house but there were two small steps to be negotiated dor which she required assistance.

Smoking and drinking aids

Client whose only mobility was his head , thus confined to a wheelchair.  Client wanted to be able to have a drink and smoke a cigarette without a member of the care staff assisting him. The cigarette holder was articulated on a flexible arm, the cigarette held in a cigarette holder the holder being clipped […]

Braked seat/step for kitchen

Kick step Underside showing operating mechanism Gliding around the kitchen In use as a kickstep Client only has the upper section of both her arms and is very adept with her two split hook prosthesis. There are times however when she finds it easier to manipulate items with her feet while seated. For this, she […]

Wireless hands-free alarm

Identified need The client has no fine motor control of his hands but can use arms and/or head.  He is confined to bed and feels insecure at night as he is not able to alert a carer in another room or part of the house. Description This unit is based on the Wilko Standard Portable […]

Self Answering Telephone

The requirement was to enable a lady who had lost the use of her arms to continue to use her own speaker phone to receive telephone calls from relatives. The problem was solved by wiring out the contacts of the ‘Handsfree’ pushbutton to a jack socket on the side of the phone. A set of […]

Tricycle for boy without arms

Ronan is a 12 year old boy with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome, as a result of which he is profoundly deaf, has learning difficulties and has only vestigial arms. His parents thought a cycle would be very good for him. A tricycle was designed and built to be adjustable to cater for his size as […]

Tray for wheelchair to hold laptop

The client has very limited head movement and needed to use a laptop computer with voice recognition software from her wheelchair but had no safe way to hold the computer. A tray was made and mounted off the client’s wheelchair and suitably padded to avoid any discomfort to the client. The client can now use […]

Tape recorder interface unit

A blind lady with multiple sclerosis who is having singing lessons needs to operate a twin track tape recorder. She does not have the strength to lift her hands and press the control buttons on the recorder. The interface unit has a tray to accept and locate the recorder and five flap switches to control […]

Keyboard viewer

The client types into her computer using a ‘prodder’ held between her toes. The computer screen is directly in front of her and she has difficulty looking down at the keyboard to position the ‘prodder’. A second-hand 14″ TV set was purchased and mounted adjacent to the computer screen on the computer trolley. A C.C.T.V. […]

Joy stick head probe

The client only has head movement but wished to use a computer. A joy stick was modified to enable its use with a head stick. A suitable head stick was made and software procured to enable the joy stick to be operated as a mouse. The client can now use a computer and take a training […]

Head pointer

This client’s current head pointer was worn and needed updating. The plastic inner frame of a safety helmet was used as a base. This was fitted with an aluminum strengthening plate & mounting bolt. A piece of aluminum tubing was taped at one end and screwed onto the bolt, the tubing was then bent to […]

Feeding machine

Hazel, who has motor neurone disease, could not lift her arms far and had very little grip. Consequently she had to be fed by her husband. She wanted to be more independent for both eating and drinking. A machine was made which used a pair of pivoted arms to lift a carriage holding a spoon […]

Face wipe

The client suffered a runny nose and wanted something to help, since he was not able to lift his own hands. The solution was to design and make a frame to fix to his wheelchair, to which a wipe could be clamped by his carer conveniently in front of, but not obstructing, his face. The […]