Pushchair safety brake

The client suffers from sudden fits and is worried about inadvertently letting go of her pushchair and it running away. An additional braking system was made such that should the client let go of the handle bar, the brakes are applied automatically.

Removable padding for bed-leaver

Mr G lives in 24 hour supported living. He needed padding on his bed-leaver for safety in case he had a fit and thrashed about at night; the padding needed to be easily removable by his carers for when he needed to use the lever for getting in and out of bed.

Fall protection for epileptic

  Toilet and bidet Kitchen sink Desk The client’s mother required protection around the home against drop seizures of her epileptic child. For the toilet and bidet, closed cell foam protective edge strip (sold for packing of paintings and mirrors) were used. It is designed to absorb knocks, is waterproof and washable. By cutting pieces […]

Buggy failsafe brake

Modifications to the buggy wheels Modifications to the buggy handlebar New parts New clamp to fix new brake cable to existing brake rod.  Identical clamp was used to fix the cable at the other end to the new brake bar The client is concerned that her epilepsy will cause her to lose control of her […]

Chunc to BuggyPod coupling

7 year-old boy has cerebral palsy and severe epilepsy. He uses a Chunc 45 wheelchair. His little sister is 1 year-old. Mother requires to be able to take both children out together and is looking for a means to couple a secondary push-chair type pram to the Chunc 45. Mother has already purchased a second-hand […]

Toilet seat & platform

A boy with epilepsy, right sided weakness and developmental delay needed aids when toileting and bathing. A raised wooden platform, tailored to the shape of the small bathroom, was made to allow the boy to reach the bath and toilet. A hole was cut through a spare toilet lid so he had a small secure […]

Ice skating attachment for wheelchair

A wheelchair user wished to ‘go on the ice’ at the local ice rink. A wooden platform was made to which her wheelchair could be anchored securely, enabling it to be pushed around on the ice. It gives the young lady an added dimension to life. (Dumfried & Galloway)

Protective car screen

The client, with autism and epilepsy, sometimes lashes out unpredictably when distressed. Some form of screen was required to protect the driver and front seat passenger. Because the car is a 2 -door model, separate detachable screens were made for fitting to the backs of the front seats. Polycarbonate screens were fitted to sprung mountings, […]

Protected cistern

Stuart is a man with severe muscle control difficulties (cerebral palsy and epilepsy) who regularly destroyed his slimline toilet cistern through inadvertent movement. The vulnerable cistern was replaced with a robust padded backrest and a new high-level cistern was fitted. Stuart is now more comfortable on the toilet and the cistern is out of harm’s way.

Paging device

The client, in his early twenties, has Down’s syndrome and has limited sight and hearing. He likes to occupy himself in his room but is subject to epileptic seizures usually triggered by being taken by surprise. His family needed a gentle means of attracting his attention when necessary, for example, when meals are ready. The […]

Modified book rest

A 12 year-old girl with visual impairment and epilepsy can only read books when they are within a few inches of her eyes. A commercial paper stand, which could be raised and lowered, was modified as follows. A hardboard base was attached to the bottom of the stand via a piano hinge, fixed by a […]

High heart rate alarm

The client, a young 11 year old child with cerebral palsy and epilepsy, can have a silent fit whilst asleep. This is accompanied with a dramatic increase in heart rate and immediate medical attention is required. To alert the parent, a high heart rate alarm has been suggested. The client will not tolerate wired electrodes […]

Failsafe pushchair brake

The client is a young mother who has epilepsy and was concerned about losing control of her pushchair in the event of a seizure. A bicycle brake lever was fitted on the handlebar of the pushchair which operated a plunger which engaged with a toothed wheel on the axle. Removal of her hand from the […]

Bed restraint

A lady with severe night-time epilepsy needed a self-operated ‘cot side’ to her bed to prevent her falling out during epileptic attacks, while still being able to get out of bed independently. A padded, hinged restraint with a latch for closure was made. Two lugs, fitting closely below the bed frame, prevent over – turning when […]

Pushchair Brake

An epileptic mother wanted a self-acting brake that would automatically immobilise a pushchair if the mother had a fit. A brake lever was connected to the brake via a Bowden cable. To release the brake, the client places her wrist under the rod and plastic ball and, by squeezing the brake lever, a small latch […]