Curvature of the spine


Modified Marcy Walker

Phoebe uses a mechanical ventilator. She always had an adult with her to carry it around for her. With her start at school coming up, there was hope that she would be able to push it on a walker (modified to take it), giving her some independence.

Door opener for self closing doors

People in wheelchairs and with walkers find it difficult or impossible to open self closing doors such as fire doors in homes. Commercial door openers are very expensive.

Shower Chair Headrest

A child with significant scoliosis and no head control required a headrest on her shower chair, which could be off-set to the side to support her head.

Light Switch Adaptation

A wall mounted adaptation to allow a height impaired person to operate a standard light switch from lower down, without the need for rewiring or use of “smart” lighting.

Aga stove lid lifter

The client’s reduced strength made it difficult to lift the heavy lids on her Aga kitchen stove.

Toilet support bar

Elizabeth has a spinal deformity which left her severely bent forward. She could not sit on a toilet without someone to hold her, and she obviously wished to be able to do so. A swing-down padded arm was made which could be lowered into position once the client was seated. It was sufficiently strong to […]

Child’s positioning board

A child with cerebral palsy enjoys spending time playing out of her chair on the floor. Related to the palsy, she has a muscle tone problem which makes it difficult to lie straight, and so she cannot play comfortably. A positioning board was made in the form of a wedge, with a rear height adjustable […]