Head rest on shower chair

Makeability were contacted by an Occupational Therapist in Salford, whose client used their shower chair to move about at home due to its smaller size in comparison to his wheelchair. The shower chair however has no headrest fitted, which was a particular problem during seizures.

Drawing board

8 year old girl with cerebral palsy would love to draw and paint but has limited ability to use her upper limbs. She needs a way of securing the paper on her desk and wheelchair table. The usual methods of Dycem mat, blutac, masking tape etc do not work.

Wheelchair foot plates

The limited adjustment of the client’s wheelchair footsupports meant that his feet were not supported comfortably. Longer cushions were added to the footplates to provide the required support.

HandShake – using hand motion to control switchable software

Some people with e.g. cerebral palsy are unable to use physical controllers such as buttons and joysticks but are still able to make intentional hand movements. HandShake uses a pair of BBC Micro:bits to enable triggers to be sent to switchable communication software to enable speech to be composed. A trigger is sent to the communications device when the participant moves a hand above an adjustable threshold of acceleration.

Chair Headrest

The client uses a shower chair to move through his home and needed a head rest mounting on it.

Oven transfer shelf

This handy shelf allows Daniel to slide hot dishes in and out of the oven safely.

Cordless drill steady

  Mounting bracket Stand for outdoor use Workbench stand Drilling workpiece on bench Sawing wood with mitre block The client’s cerebral palsy makes it hard for him to hold steady the cordless drill that he uses for his DIY projects, with his carer’s help, for both drilling and driving screws. Two stands were made, one […]

Child’s steps

A 3-year-old child with cerebral palsy is unable to walk unaided.  To promote her independence, her mother wishes her to be able to use the wash basin with minimal assistance.  She had already bought wooden steps and needed side rails for safety. Height adjustable tubular steel rails were fitted.  

High chair medical equipment tray

The clients are children who have cerebral palsy. They use special wheeled chairs but when moving around they need to carry a lot of medical equipment with them  (ventilator etc). Special wheeled trays were constructed which can be attached to the chair. Bristol panel case ref. 4\15-06

Modify standard bike to balance bike

The client is 4 years old, with mild hemiplegic cerebral palsy. He has been using a standard balance bike, and is not yet ready for pedals, but as he is quite tall for his age has nearly outgrown his current bike. The parents cannot find a larger balance bike for him. There is a range […]

Communicator mounting for wheelchair

Maria, a resident at the Scope Birchwood residential care home in Chesham, has no significant movement ability and is unable to speak clearly due to cerebral palsy. Wheelchair bound during the day, Maria uses an electronic communication aid to control equipment in her room, including lights, heating and TV; the device can also be used […]

Trays for special chairs

The children, who all suffer from Cerebral Palsy, have special high chairs, with a large tray mounted on the front. The tray is used for various purposes, including the use of a simple keyboard for interactive use of a computer. Each tray needs to be adapted to the needs of the individual child. A cut-out […]

Skittles aid

A ramp was needed to enable people with learning disabilities to launch a skittles ball independently. Special rubber covered balls are used by the skittles team. A ramp was constructed using pine batten, 6mm MDF and hardboard glued and screwed. Two fold-out arms that lock into place when hinged out prevent the ramp toppling sideways. […]

Bedpan – modified

A young man with Cerebral Palsy has a home fully equipment for his disability, but goes away with his family. When he is in his wheel chair and needs to use a bed pan he elevates himself and a bedpan is positioned. However the shallow design of the normal pan makes it extremely difficult to […]

Bicycle to tricycle adaptation

A client with cerebral palsy and balance problems would like to ride a bicycle. Normal stabilisers are not secure enough. The client’s mother initially requested wider stabiliser wheels for the bike, however she later found the ‘Mini-bike converter’ on the internet and this was ordered from ‘Bike Care, March, Cambridge’. The mini-bike converter converts a […]