Urine bottle stand

Bottle on stand Rear view showing height adjustment Cage fixing arrangement The client is unable to stand and urinate without risk of spillage because he needs to use his one hand to hold a support, ie. he needs to urinate hands-free. A simple tripod with tubular fibreglass legs holds the client’s bottle and wire cage […]

Urine bottle stand

The client is unable to hold his urine bottle to urinate while sitting in his wheelchair due to reduced manual dexterity. This floor-mounted stand holds the bottle at the required height and angle.  The flat plywood base does not interfere with the wheels of the wheelchair.   0

Catheter bag drip tray

The client was concerned that drips from the catheter bag hung on the side of his bed would stain the carpet. A small plastic tray was purchased and clipped to the bag support stand with fold-back clips.   0

Urine bottle holder

This client has a hospital bed with safety rails. He needs to use a urine bottle at night on a frequent basis. He cannot reach the bottles over the safety rail. A wire bottle holder was made to hang on the safety rail. The client now has easy and safe access to the bottles.   […]

Transportable padded toilet seat

This client has motor neurone disease (MND) and now requires a padded toilet seat which he has on his normal toilet unit. However when he goes for respite to a nursing home he does not have the same facility. As it was not possible to obtain an additional seat, a standard toilet support frame was […]

Musical toilet

The client needed encouragement to use the toilet. Controlled by an ultra-sonic sensor, a battery powered solid state unit was constructed to play appropriate music (the client requested Cliff Richard or Elvis Presley) when the client uses the toilet. A charger was also provided. The client is now keen to use the toilet. 0

Detachable toilet seat/pan on wheelchair

A client with a severe bowel problem and poliomyelitis has to spend a number of hours each day on a commode. A shallow box type commode was made to fit on her wheelchair seat when required. The assembly is 12cm high with a removable top and seat pad. The frame is welded 6mm plastic sheet […]

Commode trolley

This young woman, weighing 30 kg, has a commode trolley with a specially shaped cradle inclined at a fixed angle. The angle of inclination needed to be varied so that the client would be more towards a sitting position. The existing cradle was also too high above the toilet. The existing trolley was in two […]

Commode toilet seat

The client has an older type commode seat which had become uncomfortable and difficult to use, and was unwilling to replace it. A plastic toilet seat was obtained and fitted to the frame. The client has an improved level of comfort. (Perthshire & Kinross) 0

Commode seat

This client had been supplied with a wheelchair commode fitted with a soft padded seat. He was unwilling to use the device, possibly because he thought he was sitting on a normal chair. The padded seat was replaced by a conventional toilet seat with a suitable extension to support the client’s right leg. The client […]