Children’s Indoor Sensory Swing

A cost effective Indoor sensory swing designed for children on the spectrum to have in their homes.
An indoor sensory swing that has a minimal impact on your home to support autistic children’s therapy.
A indoor sensory swing sourced from items easily sourced.

I will recreate another indoor swing asap and include better videos and photos soon.

Communication aid harness

Aluminium mount with detent pin Tom’s speech therapists were keen that he should have his Communicator with him at all times. The normal arrangement of a shoulder strap meant that he could swing the device, which while he enjoyed doing it, it hardly facilitated its use, and was distracting both to him, his teacher and […]


Rails at top of stairs … … and with board in place Bottom of stairs A mother of three autistic children requires robust gates at the top and bottom of her stairs to prevent falls. Standard stairgates for toddlers are not high or strong enough. A pair of rails have been fitted at both the […]

Squeeze machine

This is the third Squeeze machine Essex North has made. They are all similar being two air mattresses constrained so that a person lying between them will be squeezed once they are inflated to provide a calming effect on the user’s nervous system. The pump for this incarnation is a modified Mangar Bath aid pump. […]

High security child gate

The client is a child with severe autism who ‘escapes’ from his bedroom at night, disturbing the household.  The family have tried stairgates and a high ‘dog gate’ over the bedroom doorway, but he has worked out ways to scale them by building up a pile of blankets etc.  A more secure way to close […]

Monorail doorway closure

New upper doors closed … … and open. Pole to open and close the upper doors Client has a monorail running from the bedroom to the bathroom which means that the bedroom door does not close. The client is a noisy sleeper and this disturbs the rest of the family. Two doors were added above […]

Restraint harnesses

Harness for use in vehicles Harness for use while walking – rear view … … and front Client is a very active adult with learning difficulties and uses a Model 28 Crelling restraint harness when travelling in a vehicle (in addition to the normal car seat belt) and a separate harness while walking (for the […]

Scooter board

Scooter board Guard around casters to deter little fingers An autistic child needs a scooter board to aid sensory development of a size larger than commercially available ones. The board was fitted with a clear plastic cup, cut to a suitable length, around each caster to act as a guard.  

Child-proof lock for fridge-freezers

Some autistic children have a compulsion to raid the fridge, which gives rise to a need for a child-proof lock that is easily controlled by the parents. Fridge-freezers usually have provision to mount the doors on either side, so there will be a pair of unused tapped holes between the doors on the open side. […]

Interactive Display Board

This project takes the form of a vertical board, ideal for use in an educational environment. Various different interactive elements can be easily fixed onto the board. The interactive display board will fold flat for storage and can be adjusted for distance and viewing angle. A Velcro tray can be slid into the guides and […]

Double buggy divider

Mother with two children, 3 years and 6 months has a double Maclaren buggy. Elder child is mildly autistic and inadvertently causes injury to younger child when both are in buggy. Mother required some form of divider which would prevent youngster being injured but which would also permit them to see each other. A dividing […]

Security cover for gas cooker control knobs

The clients have an autistic son whose behaviour is unpredictable. If in the kitchen on his own, he sometimes turns on the gas cooker controls, such that the parents have frequently to check that they are all in the ‘off’ position. A stainless steel lockable cover was made which fits securely over that knobs which […]

Secure TV/video unit

A hyperactive child was frequently at risk of injury to self, interacting at close quarters with TV and video. The panel constructed a corner unit to accommodate all of their entertainment equipment. The item was made of interior grade plywood and securely attached to the walls. Enclosed space between walls and unit was employed to […]

Stair gate for child

The client is a seven year old autistic boy who frequently wakes at night and wanders. An existing gate at the top of the stairs was low and there was danger of him toppling over and down the stairs. A higher than standard safety gate was made and fitted. It is secured by a catch […]