Nurse Call Button

A holder for existing nurse call units in hospitals that allows the unit to be used by patients with limited mobility and/or dexterity. Developed initially for use by stroke patients in a specialist ward.

Eye Drop Dispenser

The client requires eye drops every fifteen minutes but also suffers from severe arthritis and is unable to dispense these herself. To improve her independence and decrease the workload on her husband a device that allowed her to dispense the drops herself was needed.

Rollator brakes

A client has a progressive muscle weakness, that particularly affects hand grip, walking and balance. He is having trouble operating the brakes on his rollator (wheeled walker) and this makes him feel very unsafe.

Wheeled garden tool holder

A gardening charity needed a means for a volunteer with severe back pain to carry documents, small gardening tools etc around the gardening site. A simple wheeled trolley was made that allows the user have access to her gardening impedimenta without having to bend.

Aga stove lid lifter

The client’s reduced strength made it difficult to lift the heavy lids on her Aga kitchen stove.

Car tailgate closer

The client was unable to reach up to close the tailgate of her car. A simple foam-covered hook was made which engages with the door handle.

Kitchen wire baskets

The client suffers from sever arthritis and has difficulty in bending to access her kitchen floor cupboards. Wire baskets were purchased form B&Q and fitted using appropriate brackets. A hook tool was made to enable her to pull the baskets out without bending. Bristol Panel case ref. 12\15-05

Window opener

The client struggles to open the uPVC windows of her flat because her condition does not allow her to depress the release button and turn the handle easily. The tool is made from 22mm plastic tube and two Tee pieces. One Tee is passed over the window handle. The steel finger presses the release button […]

Window opener

The client has arthritis and has difficulty in reaching and operating her window latch to open the window. A special opening tool was made as there were no commercial alternatives to suit. It was constructed from 22mm o/d aluminium tubing, sourced from a broom handle. This was bent using a standard plumbing internal bending spring […]

Spraycan holder for arthritis sufferer

A client has rheumatoid arthritis in her hands, affecting her finger functioning and grip. She also suffers with angina and so needs to use a Nitromin spray, but cannot operate the rather small aerosol can due to her arthritis. We built a spraycan holder that is big enough for her to grip in one hand […]

Aerosol actuator

Aerosol with foam cap … with cap removed and valve stem exposed. Button spray nozzle and trigger gun fitted. The elastic band (kindly donated by Royal Mail) holds the lever up for ease of use. The client suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and has great difficulty in using aerosols. Investigation showed that the aerosols in use […]

Seat belt buckle release tool

The red button must be depressed to release the belts.   A mother with rheumatoid arthritis is unable to open the buckle of her child’s car seat belt. A simple G-clamp was made that can be slipped around the buckle.  Turning the screw depresses the red button of the buckle, releasing the belts.  

Mobile crane foot platform

Patient with rheumatoid arthritis and severe water retention was unable to locate both her feet on the relatively small platform of the Harvest crane that she used to raise her into a standing position A larger foot plate was manufactured. Because of client weight, due consideration had to be made to the strength of the […]

Adaptation to bath tap rail

A lady with arthritis and a general stiffness needs the aid of a bath rail to get out of the bath which can be fitted temporarily when needed at the tap end. The difficulty was that the tap handles are so close to the wall that it was impossible to insert the rail over the […]