Aids to use for upper limb function for cancer patients.

Cancer patients with metastatic spinal cord compression and who are largely bed bound, require simple exercises to maintain upper body actions. Two boards were constructed that could be mounted on over bed or conventional tables, and each contained a separate range of activities. Care was taken to ensure the activities and boards were safe and could be easily cleaned. Several features are the same as Project SO29/19.

Drawing aid pen holder

The client is 20 months old and has arthrogryposis which causes him to have limited movement in his wrists, hands and fingers. His mum and OT wanted him to start holding a pen and drawing but this was not possible without help […]

Integramouse Motorised Support Arm

When on his computer, the client uses a mouth controlled Integramouse on an adjustable arm. He needs the Integramouse to move out of sight of the screen on occasions and then return when needed once again

Replacements for amputated hands

The lady had suffered from sepsis and, as a consequence, had lost both hands and both feet. The NHS were able to provide a wheelchair and later prosthetic legs but had little to offer in the short term to provide hand functions. We were able to provide basic implements to enable her to feed herself, brush her hair, and to write birthday cards and sign cheques.

Pen holder

The client has weak wrists and finds it difficult to grip a pen. A block of wood was shaped rather like a computer mouse. A spring clip and groove for a pen were provided at the front. This provided an easy hold solution for writing.

Pen-holder and clipboard

Joan, a feisty lady whose multiple sclerosis had left her with only head movement, wanted to be able to sign her own cheques and greetings cards. A clipboard and support frame was made to fit her electric wheelchair, together with a simple gel pen holder that she could hold in her mouth. Joan is now […]

Pen holding aid

The client has a spinal injury, which has resulted in a loss of grip and the inability to hold a conventional pen and in particular to angle it correctly. The solution was to make a large diameter holder with the writing tip angled so that the end of the body remote from the tip can […]

Manual cellphone switch – ‘Nudger’

A quadraplegic client has minimal movement in his left hand and would like to be able to independently switch his phone on/off. The ‘Nudger’ consists of a removable holder that attaches to the wheelchair or bedframe, in a position that allows the on/off microswitch to be ‘nudged’ to function. After successful trials, a Dictaphone (tape […]

Fold-down table for wheelchair

The client wanted to have a table close to her wheelchair instead of having to be parked close to a standard table or transferring to an ordinary chair close to a table. She wanted the table permanently attached to her wheelchair – not always in front of her, but able to be brought up in […]

Over-chair table

The client has multiple sclerosis and has difficulty holding a tray on her lap. She would appreciate a suitable tray stable enough for her needs but capable of being put away. A standard over-chair table was obtained and modified to allow it to slip below her chair from the front. It was then easily removed […]

Chair and work desk

A young client required a supporting chair complete with a ‘desk’ that could be moved into position. A panel member constructed the chair and desk as shown in the photograph. The little girl is now able to join in with her peers and be included in the group’s skills development activities.  

Adjustable work surface

A child with quadriplegic cerebral palsy can sit comfortably in only a few positions and cannot adapt to a desk/work station fixed in only one position, which inhibits his learning process.  A work station was constructed which is infinitely variable in both height and angle.  The child can now sit in a variety of positions […]