Window/door opening


Upper Limb Rehabilitation Aids

Aids to rehabilitation of upper limb function for intensive care patients.
Therapy, Activities, Skills and Kinesiology (TASK) Boards for University Hospital Southampton

Door opener for self closing doors

People in wheelchairs and with walkers find it difficult or impossible to open self closing doors such as fire doors in homes. Commercial door openers are very expensive.

Window Opener

The client had trouble opening windows in her kitchen due to height / mobility issues. She also had psoriasis which made gripping any kind of implement a struggle due to dry skin.

Kitchen window opener

Most kitchen windows are at the rear of the sink unit and are largely out of reach for many people; our client was one and needed to open the window for ventilation.

Window opener

Client confined to wheelchair could not reach the window catches in his new purpose built apartment.  Remap Essexnorth made a window opener that enabled the client to open left or right hand window from his wheelchair. Aluminium tube that fits over window handle is lined with bicycle inner tube kept in place by cable ties […]

Window Opener

Updated 25.04.2017 – the locked nuts M6 coach bolt proved to be inadequately strong and came loose after some use. A modified version using a hex M6 spacer and washers soldered to it was made and supplied to the client. This is the design for a window opener for three cranked window handles (2 right […]

Window Opener – Quick and Easy

Following a rash of window opener jobs I decided to try and find a quick, easy, inexpensive and efficient solution for most windows. I have developed an opener that in many cases allows for the job to be completed in a single visit of less than 30 minutes. The big problem that panel members encounter […]

Window opener

The client struggles to open the uPVC windows of her flat because her condition does not allow her to depress the release button and turn the handle easily. The tool is made from 22mm plastic tube and two Tee pieces. One Tee is passed over the window handle. The steel finger presses the release button […]

Extended door handle

A homeowner of reduced stature has difficulty reaching the door handles of her French doors. An extension rod and handle were fitted to an existing handle to provide a low level operation. The client can now operate handle with ease.   0

Window opener

This wheelchair user has only one functional arm and could not open the windows to permit ventilation. Redundant elbow crutches were modified with a ring fitted to the foot of the crutch which when fitted over the handle allows him to unlock, open, close and re-lock the windows with ease. The client’s quality of life […]

Window opener tube

This lady has had a stroke and because of her small stature is unable to reach the handles of her bathroom and kitchen windows. A long steel tube was made with one end welded at an angle to go over the handle of the window and the other end has a rubber grip so that […]

Window opener over sink

A common problem encountered by clients such as Ada is being unable to reach to open windows – especially those in kitchens where the window is the far side of the sink. An opener with a ring to slip over the window handle was made, with a cross formed by two pieces of dowel for […]

Window opener for button catches

This lady has arthritis and could not reach her window catches.The catches had a button which had to be pressed as the handle was turned. A device comprising a loop on the end of a pole was made to go over the handle and an adjustable pin was provided to operate the button. The client […]

Window opener for Helen

Helen could not reach the handles to lock and unlock the windows in her ground-floor flat. The handles include both left-hand and right-hand release buttons, and the mechanisms are rather stiff. The operating lever has a hinge so that Helen can adjust it to suit the alignment of her wheelchair relative to each window; there […]