Bath transfer aid

A young man with severe cerebral palsy and spasms was being lifted by his parents into and out of a Leckey bath chair for bathing, affecting their backs. The usual solutions of a wheeled hoist or overhead rail were not suitable. A sliding seat was made that allowed the wheeled hoist to be used outside the bath and the seat then slid over the bath.

Net curtain raiser/lowerer

The client is having increasing difficulty removing her window net curtains for washing and subsequently re-fitting them. Balancing on an unstable chair is no longer an option. A simple cord system allows her to easily raise and lower them when needed.

Shower chair footrest

The standard footrests of John’s showerchair made it difficult to manoeuvre around the narrow doors and landing of his home. More compact custom footrests were made.

Improved shower knob grip

The six scollops of the client’s shower control valve knob were too shallow for our client to grip and turn as she has arthritis in her hands.

Kitchen tap lever

Handle in position. Wooden mould Handle being formed on mould. Finished handle The client has arthritis and finds the hot tap of her kitchen mixer tap very difficult to turn, as it is very smooth. The ideal solution would be to replace the entire mixer with something having lever taps, or at least replace the […]

Bathing support cushion attachment straps

Straps, cushion and bath Straps, showing press studs A care home has a bath with a moveable base within the bowl of the bath that is used to raise and lower the user into the water.  An inflatable shaped cushion is used to support the user.  The cushion is attached to the base with suckers […]

Shower threshold ramp

The client’s elderly carer was having difficulty in pushing a shower wheelchair over the tray threshold. A ramp was constructed using a skirting wood profile and a piece of aluminium carpet edging strip. Bristol Panel case ref. 6\15-05 0

Modified bath transfer bench

Bench with extension pieces fitted Extension pieces with boxwood dowel inserts, grooved to ensure free drainage. Legs with extension pieces fitted, retained with SS screws. The client’s bath transfer bench has adjustable legs to cope with the difference in height between the bath and floor, but this is insufficient for the client’s bath. The two […]

Modified Bathseat

Unmodified Medici bathseat Modified garden seat and SS parts Final modified Medic seat The client is hoisted into her bath and requires a seat to support her while she is showered.  The standard bath boards were not suitable for her shape of bath and the Medici seat she was using did not provide the necessary […]

Bath tap and plug operators

Bath tap operator Bath plug operator Bath plug operator lower end The client is unable to bend sufficiently to operate the taps and plug while sitting in her bath. A tap operator was made out of 22mm chromed steel pipe with a ring at one end to engage with the lever-operated taps. The operator for […]

Shower chair with commode

The client has a shower chair that she uses to transfer from her living room to her bathroom. She now needs a commode pan fitting underneath this chair. However, there are no runners or sliders to which a pan could be attached. Since the shower chair is frequently sprayed with water, the solution to the […]

Firm commode seat

Firmer seat needed for commode/shower seat and modifications to the pan holding bracket Construct wooden seat to fit on the shower chair and modify pan bracket   0