Using stairs


Temporary duvet support

An 81 y-o woman had a Total Hip Replacement (THR). Since she already had home improvements in place (hand rails on stairs and doors, saddle boards removed, radio button alarm, 24/7 carer) she was released from hospital after four days – the only thing she needed and was given was a Rollator (wheeled walking frame, Zimmer frame). She found that the duvet on her bed restricted her movement, and a duvet support was requested for the period of her recovery. A length of 1/8 inch fencing wire was bent to shape and a brass ferrule with two grub screws was made in order to secure the ends of the wire.

Stairlift safety rails

The client fears falling off her stairlift. A safety rail was added to provide the reassurance required.

Portable half step

This is a portable, lightweight, foldable able half step which helps the client to climb stairs at any location

Grab Rails for a double amputee

The Client , a lady, had lost both hands and feet due to sepsis. A stairlift had been installed in her house but there were two small steps to be negotiated dor which she required assistance.


Rails at top of stairs … … and with board in place Bottom of stairs A mother of three autistic children requires robust gates at the top and bottom of her stairs to prevent falls. Standard stairgates for toddlers are not high or strong enough. A pair of rails have been fitted at both the […]

Shopping Hoist

Client had lost the full use of the left side of her body so found it very hard to carry shopping up a short flight of stairs to her flat.  Clambering up was possible but not holding shopping. Stair lift was not possible as the stairs were communal access. A small hand powered hoist was […]

Stairlift Control modifications

The client has minimal hand function as a result of motor neuron desease and finds operating her stairlift controls difficult. A rubber mask was designed to fit over the buttons. Bristol Remap case ref 11\14-08

Leg lifter for independent access to stairlift

    Rosemary from Amersham suffered a stroke and was unable to lift her right leg onto a stairlift footplate or to hold it there while the stairlift was in motion. We designed a leg lifting device with a cushioned bar that rests across her left thigh and another that goes under her right thigh. Rosemary […]

Stairlift lever

The client could only seat himself on his stair lift with the foot plate in the up position but then could not lower it when seated. The lever mechanism which is attached to the wall requires a simple pull to lower the foot plate. The client can now make the return journey on his own […]

Folding handrail/gate

The client is unsteady on her feet and needs a handrail to enable her to reach her conservatory. This must fold away to allow access down some steps to another door. The client is unsteady on her feet and needs a handrail to enable her to reach her conservatory. This must fold away to allow […]

Baby seat for stair lift

The client is a wheelchair user and needed a modification to her chair lift to enable her to transport her baby up and down stairs. The limited space available at top and bottom of the stairs meant that the baby carrier would have to swing well away from the principal chair to allow mother to […]