TV use


Homecraft Pick-Up Reacher Modification

This is a modification to the Homecraft Rolyan Pick-Up Reacher.

The problem with the standard grabber is that it only pinches the sides of an object if you pick it up from lying down. The modification with wider jaws and a design that curves round means that it can get underneath the object to ‘scoop’ it… making it easier to pick up (and also maintain hold with a weaker grip).

Sip and Puff Control of Smartphone or Tablet Computer

A referral for remote control of TV by a client suffering from advanced MS resulted in the development of a cheap Sip and Puff device. It is acknowledged that for intensive use, commercial products are available, but in some cases these are deemed prohibitively expensive. Accessibility software is often built in by manufacturers (certainly in […]

Sip and Puff TV Control

The client spent long periods in bed with her only entertainment being a wall mounted TV stuck on whichever channel the last carer had set it on. On the first appraisal visit it was quickly established that there was no capacity to operate a switch mechanism either by hand or foot, so the idea of […]

Stand for TV remote control

The client has multiple sclerosis which is affecting his hand function. This has resulted in his having difficulty operating the remote controls for his TV and radio. A wooden block was made to hold both remote controls firmly in place, so that all the client has to do is press buttons. An additional refinement is […]

TV mounting bracket

The client is an early teenage boy with severe cerebral palsy. His parents bought a TV for his bedroom but a position for it could not be found so that he could watch it from his bed. They suggested fixing it high on the wall by means of a bracket , but this was judged […]

Secure TV/video unit

A hyperactive child was frequently at risk of injury to self, interacting at close quarters with TV and video. The panel constructed a corner unit to accommodate all of their entertainment equipment. The item was made of interior grade plywood and securely attached to the walls. Enclosed space between walls and unit was employed to […]

Television periscope viewer

This client’s inability to lift his head into vertical posture makes watching television very difficult. Medical aids to support head in vertical position have been unsuccessful. Two mirrors mounted at the correct angles in a lightweight aluminium frame allow the client to view the television without lifting his head. The client can enjoy more relaxed […]

Head support

The client has multiple sclerosis. He has difficulty focusing his vision on text, television or other specific objects due to involuntary movements of his head. He wanted some means of stabilising his head movement sufficiently to allow him to resume visually related activities. A headrest was designed which located under his chin and was supported […]