Toilet transfer stool

Stable transfer stool enables a girl with the brittle bone disease to use toilet independently.

Shower chair footrest

The standard footrests of John’s showerchair made it difficult to manoeuvre around the narrow doors and landing of his home. More compact custom footrests were made.

Wheelchair-mounted turn disc

The client uses a turning disc when transfering from his wheelchair. Normally, this would be mounted on the floor and the wheelchair footrests moved out of the way. The wheelchair footrests are fixed, so a de-mountable method of fixing the turning disc to the wheelchair is required.

Modify sit-to-stand aid

The client’s feet are splayed and this means she cannot position herself far enough forward to safely stand on the platform of her ReTurn7400 sit-to-stand aid. The platform was modified to suit.

Wheelchair support handles

Wheelchair with foot rests raised … … and foot rests down in normal use. The client was struggling to carry out standing transfers from wheelchair to toilet, particularly when out and about. “Ladder bars” handles were bolted onto the underside of the wheelchair’s existing footrests, and a new plate fitted to allow the footrests to […]

Top-of-stair safety stop for transfer aid

Cricket transfer aid The client’s carers use a Cricket transfer aid and are concerned that, when transferring to/from the top of the stairlift, the wheels of the Cricket will topple over. A simple plywood stop was made that can be easily placed at the top of the stairs by the carers when needed, but can […]

Special lifting beam over bed

The client needs to pull herself up in bed and lower herself onto her wheelchair on either side of the bed, using straps. She has a floor mounted ‘A’ frame mounted overhead beam but it is too short and takes up too much bedroom space. A welded overhead beam was fabricated and fixed to a […]

Special bed rail

The client has an NRS bedrail (product code M48192) which is unsuitable for his weight and is not located firmly enough in the bed. He asked if it can be modified e.g. by fixing to the wall  

Chair raiser for office chair with 5 feet

The  client has an office type chair with 5 feet which needed to be raised 4 inches. A platform was made from hardwood ply supported on 5 timber bearers. The top of the platform was recessed so that the chair legs fitted in for security. Bristol panel case ref. 8\15-04

Physio’s Bench

The Referrer was currently working with a 9 year old girl who has paralysis of her lower limbs. She can get on and off the floor by using two benches which she pushes herself up onto using her arms. She then transfers onto a Physio’s Plinth. The benches currently used at the school are the […]

Modified bath transfer bench

Bench with extension pieces fitted Extension pieces with boxwood dowel inserts, grooved to ensure free drainage. Legs with extension pieces fitted, retained with SS screws. The client’s bath transfer bench has adjustable legs to cope with the difference in height between the bath and floor, but this is insufficient for the client’s bath. The two […]

Recliner chair raisers

The client has a Parker Knoll type recliner chair and needed it to be raised by about 2.5”. The base frame is made from steel sections and no commercial product could be sourced. A plinth was made from 3” x 2” timber and incorporated 4 small pads to achieve the correct height. The existing plastic […]

Special settee raisers

The client, who uses a wheelchair, has difficulty getting up from her settee, as it is too low. Standard chair raisers are not suitable. The subject settee is a 3 seater leather settee standing on 4 feet each 50mm high, the front feet are each 210 x 90mm tapering to 190 x 60mm each retained […]

Recliner chair raisers

  The client has a Recliner chair that is too low for her to easily get up from. The chair is described as being supported by a rail type foot either side, so standard chair raisers are not suitable. The castors were removed and wooden blocks attached as sketched.

Special bed raisers

The bed legs were an awkward shape and needed to be raised 4 inches. Raisers made as below.