Toilet transfer stool

Stable transfer stool enables a girl with the brittle bone disease to use toilet independently.

Toilet Steps

A five year old girl had inherited the dwarfism gene from her father giving her a reduced stature. She was having difficulty accessing the toilet in the family bathroom because of its height. There were also difficulties related to the dimensions of the bathroom which was not large.

Shower chair footrest

The standard footrests of John’s showerchair made it difficult to manoeuvre around the narrow doors and landing of his home. More compact custom footrests were made.

Toilet seat back rest

A severely disabled wheelchair user needed a back rest for the toilet to allow her to continue living independently. No suitable commercial product available.

Interfacing a shower toilet with a commode chair

The client wishes to use her toilet (with integral wash and dry function) without transferring from her wheeled commode, but the wash water escapes through the gap between toilet and commode, and the toilet does not detect the presense of the client when seated (because of her raised seating position). An insert was created that closes the gap and ensures the toilet detects the client’s presence.

Transfer Board

Reuben, aged 6, is in P2. Born without legs, he needs a way to get from his wheelchair to the toilet. Working with his OT, Remap NI made a transfer board. This needs to be supported on a frame; this was built from aluminium alloy tube salvaged from no fewer than sixteen discarded crutches. The board itself is chipboard; it has layers of foam and padding all covered in furniture grade polyurethane. Reuben launched himself on to the board without hesitation; he is one happy boy with a new degree of independence.

Adjust height and stabilise commode

The standard commodes available are of the wrong height for the client’s toilet bowl and, because she favours one side when getting up, tip over sideways. The tiled floor and under-floor heating mean that the commode cannot be bolted down. The wheels were removed from an otherwise suitable standard commode and feet added. The feet […]

Wheelchair support handles

Wheelchair with foot rests raised … … and foot rests down in normal use. The client was struggling to carry out standing transfers from wheelchair to toilet, particularly when out and about. “Ladder bars” handles were bolted onto the underside of the wheelchair’s existing footrests, and a new plate fitted to allow the footrests to […]

Reduce height of commodes

Original wheel New wheel as delivered New wheels as modified New wheels fitted The client had been supplied with two commodes but, being only 4ft 9inches, she found the seats too high to use. The commodes were fitted with large wheels so the seat heights could easily be lowered by installing smaller wheels. New wheels […]

Urine bottle stand

The client is unable to hold his urine bottle to urinate while sitting in his wheelchair due to reduced manual dexterity. This floor-mounted stand holds the bottle at the required height and angle.  The flat plywood base does not interfere with the wheels of the wheelchair.  

Bedpan – modified

A young man with Cerebral Palsy has a home fully equipment for his disability, but goes away with his family. When he is in his wheel chair and needs to use a bed pan he elevates himself and a bedpan is positioned. However the shallow design of the normal pan makes it extremely difficult to […]

Raised toilet seat

Client with mobility problems uses a raised toilet seat. Seat location lugs do not provide sufficient security of seat location resulting in seat slipping off toilet. The photos below show the seat on the toilet and the manufacturer’s locating lugs: Existing location lugs removed and replaced by new locator pins that extend deeper into toilet so […]

Urine bottle holder

This client has a hospital bed with safety rails. He needs to use a urine bottle at night on a frequent basis. He cannot reach the bottles over the safety rail. A wire bottle holder was made to hang on the safety rail. The client now has easy and safe access to the bottles.  

Transportable padded toilet seat

This client has motor neurone disease (MND) and now requires a padded toilet seat which he has on his normal toilet unit. However when he goes for respite to a nursing home he does not have the same facility. As it was not possible to obtain an additional seat, a standard toilet support frame was […]

Transfer sling and frame

This young man, who has muscular dystrophy, was unable to get entry into a specially modified house to let him live independently as he could not manage to transfer between his wheelchair and the toilet on his own. After several unsuccessful attempts with different designs of transfer boards we installed a redundant electric hoist donated […]