Accessibility Handle for BT 4600 DECT Phone

This is a handle which is designed to clip onto a BT 4600 DECT Phone to aid grip. It is for those with weaker hands and/or limited mobility, and means that if grip is lost, the phone remains in the hand rather than dropping.

Mount for night call button

The client needs easy access to a call button to call for assistance at night when in bed. The client’s wireless button had been mounted on a bed clip board (as used in hospitals to identify the client and assigned hospital staff) and a firmer method of mounting on the bed side rails was required. […]

Telephone dialling system for the blind

An almost blind client, unable to read even large telephone buttons, required a simple dialling system with pre-programmed numbers. The telephone was electrically connected to a commercial pre-programmable speech-recording device mounted in a metal box which houses the control electronics, a speaker and microphone and has eight selector buttons. When the client selects a button […]

Phone-dialling aid

A mentally and physically disabled young man, living in a specially-adapted bungalow with 24 hour supervision, needed a means of contacting his mother by phone. A plastic cover is now fitted to his phone. It has a protrusion on the underside that activates the memory button in which his mother’s telephone number is stored. A […]

Phone modification

The client had severe gripping difficulties, and could not hold a phone properly. A simple handle was glued to the phone handset so that it could be more easily held. The client can now use the phone much more easily.

Modified telephone

The client is autistic and has learning problems. He wished to be able to telephone his mother but cannot handle multiple buttons on the phone. A standard telephone with memory button was fitted with a plastic mask so that only one button was visible. The client can easily contact his mother.

Mobile phone stand

The client required a stand for his mobile phone so that he could operate it with his tongue. An aluminium cradle was produced and mounted on a wooden block for stability. The aluminium was covered with leather to protect the phone from scratching. The client was very satisfied with the solution.

Mobile phone handle

A wheelchair user with a condition which causes contractions of his joints could not get a mobile phone to either ear, both of which are also very sensitive. He wanted the privacy that hands-free loud-speaker mode would not have given him. A handle with attached phone-holder was made from telescopic aluminium tubing. At the phone-holder […]

Manual cellphone switch – ‘Nudger’

A quadraplegic client has minimal movement in his left hand and would like to be able to independently switch his phone on/off. The ‘Nudger’ consists of a removable holder that attaches to the wheelchair or bedframe, in a position that allows the on/off microswitch to be ‘nudged’ to function. After successful trials, a Dictaphone (tape […]