I can jump waves on holiday!

Twin with Cerabral Palsy wanted to use his ‘K’ walker on their 1st seaside holiday on the sand and in the sea.

Repair Arjo shower chair hoist

The condemned chair Refurbished chair. The client uses a hand-powered Arjo shower chair hoist for showering and to access the therapy pool.  It is very old and the powder-coating is failing, which has meant that a recent inspection has condemned it.  The modern equivalent model does not allow the seat to be lowered sufficiently to […]

Swimming aid

Adam is blind and has quadriplegic cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus. However, he loves swimming, but he needs a flotation device which will keep him upright and stable and which can be adjusted as he grows. The device shown in the photograph was made using polystyrene for the floats, connected by neoprene tape, clamped to the […]

Swim launcher

Elizabeth, who has multiple sclerosis, was ‘a real water baby before the disease took hold’, wanted a wheeled trolley to carry her across a beach to the sea. The design was based on a ‘rickshaw’ style trolley utilising a braced ‘T’ bar frame, braced from. Low pressure ABS (anti-lock) rimmed tyres were mounted on the […]

Beach wheelchair

This lady has difficulty walking following a stroke. Her husband requested a wheelchair with which she could access the beach so that she could join in with family activities. Due to the lady’s size an attendant chair was adopted with sand wheel roller system. The provision of the sand wheels allowed the client to participate in […]